@Gargron Big Brother is watching you, now in german (deutsch)

@Gargron well... I Certainly Did not Know THIS... Interesting Article... Thanks.

@Gargron On the fly patching is possible on Windows because there’s no security model to prevent it. On all major Linux distros for example, packages are cryptographically signed so manipulations would be detected. It’s so secure that most repositories don’t even bother using transport encryption (they use plain HTTP). Meanwhile on Windows it’s normal to run an unsigned installer from a third party source which could be infected without you knowing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Now might be a good time to start using some obscure operating system. Even if it has exploitable vulnerabilities, no one would bother to try exploiting them.

@grishka @Gargron
The software version of security vs freedom: security vs usefulness.

You can make a perfectly secure system, but only if you make it perfectly useless.

@Gargron Good luck to them forcing some of us to have their trojans installed on OUR fucking devices...
Especially open source based ones...

@Gargron this is just the public announcement, as if they didn't do this kind of stuff before😂

@Ricky1NH3LL @Gargron but isn't the point of a trojan , to have the malicious virus hidden?
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