Slack-rival (formerly Riot) wins largest ever collaborative software deal

@Gargron Oh wow. TLDR for others:

"The deal [...] will see the German states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg deploy a Matrix-based solution for 500,000 users across public offices and education [...].

The deployment is aimed at improving the region’s digital sovereignty and includes secondary schools and further education establishments in time for the September term."

@Gargron I wish technologies like this would stop changing their names. Riot.IM -> Element, Jabber -> XMPP, Ring -> Jami. It gets confusing after a while...

@dheadshot @Gargron had to change their name due to legal issues with Riot Games.

@Gargron It's great to see Matrix becoming mainstream more and more.If using Matrix will be learned at schools,maybe many children will like it and use it privately,too.That would be really great 😃

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