Something weird is going on on Twitter

A whole bunch of accounts on Twitter, even those that had 2FA enabled, are tweeting a link to a scam site

Can you actually believe people falling for "Send me x amount of money and I'll send you double that back" like ???

Twitter solved the problem by blocking verified accounts from posting. Just one step left: Block all other accounts from posting too.

@Gargron Like, what? Just jumped on there for a second; everything seems OK. Is there something we should be looking out for?

@Gargron So far 11btc scammed. Twitter vuln, 3rd party app access or rogue employee?

@Gargron send me five bucks and I'll send you nothing

@Gargron Runescape has taught us well, to never fall for this.

On a more serious note: holy, that is one big security issue they need to fix. Looking forward to the write-up.

@Gargron send me x amount of money and I’ll send you back half of that! Guaranteed!

@Gargron or just shut everything down, people will still come back

@Gargron damn why are we even using Mastodon when Twitter is such a superior alternative with great security and administration.

@Gargron so anyway, how many thousands signups per second is getting right now?

@Gargron i will give you 10 cents if you hack twitter just to link to joinmastodon.

@Gargron They are trying to silence it, shutting down the accounts that share the screenshots, so this story is probably true. The ignorance of how internet works, by the operators of one of the most used websites ever is funny and startling. You can't delete things on the internet. You can't silence a leak like this.

Yes I can believe because I know what its like to be blinded by desperation.

I guess you've lived a very privileged life.

@Gargron Interesting fraud in that they hacked Joe Biden, Kanya West and other celebs and made it more believable.

@Gargron Ive got an email from a distantly related Nigerian prince which would like to have a word with them

@Gargron Why oh why, didn't they hack Trump's account?

(Maybe because he says stuff like that all of the time, and nobody believes it anyway, even his followers...?)

@Gargron ...and that's why I don't give access to Twitter extensions that want to post tweets for me.

@Gargron the support account is unconfirmed, but these other are accounts are pretty much confirmed. And I'm surprised everyone's joking about verify unable to tweet, you fucking should be worried about your security now… what the hell is wrong with people. “oh that's third party app probably” does not exclude you. Can't wait to see the big Twitter DMs archive soon.

@Gargron Hey is this accurate?
Any chance you could tell me some about Fediverse growth coming out of this whole insanity?

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