A whole bunch of accounts on Twitter, even those that had 2FA enabled, are tweeting a link to a scam site

Can you actually believe people falling for "Send me x amount of money and I'll send you double that back" like ???


Twitter solved the problem by blocking verified accounts from posting. Just one step left: Block all other accounts from posting too.

@Gargron or just shut everything down, people will still come back

@Gargron damn why are we even using Mastodon when Twitter is such a superior alternative with great security and administration.

@Gargron so anyway, how many thousands signups per second is mastodon.social getting right now?

@Gargron i will give you 10 cents if you hack twitter just to link to joinmastodon.

@Gargron They are trying to silence it, shutting down the accounts that share the screenshots, so this story is probably true. The ignorance of how internet works, by the operators of one of the most used websites ever is funny and startling. You can't delete things on the internet. You can't silence a leak like this.

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