It is funny to me how Twitter just posts merrily about their "new API" like it's the hot new thing when they've systematically burned bridges with every app developer after ruining a flourishing API ecosystem a few years ago

Do you sometimes think about how Twitter was already on its way out in 2016 and then the presidency happened and now we're stuck with both

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@gargron like when i bought a new toilet after the divorce

@Gargron yes! I do! more so, I think about how Twitter/Facebook capitulated in feature-sets to those situations. we live in a social-network hellscape at the moment, imho.

@Gargron well thank GOD I never even signed up to twitter, because I realize my mental health had dodged more bullets than I remember.

@Gargron I saw your comment on the Krebs page, and wonder about your other musings on problems with Cloudflare and AWS.

Is it that in desperate times, there are people who will create disruption for any selfish reason? When social distancing has become a life-protecting measure, what other avenue for staying in touch, even with neighbours, remains?

@privvcy That is not me. I have never visited that page until now.

@privvcy I'm glad that someone is spreading the word about the fediverse, less glad that they're impersonating me (not that Eugen is a unique name, but it is quite rare and the implication is obvious)

What can I say about Cloudflare and AWS? I don't like them. If one or both of them go down, a large chunk of the internet becomes inaccessible. That ain't right.

@Gargron That's actually worrying. Because he points to impersonation being part of the deal.

Anyhow, sometimes any news is good news, let's hope this is true now.

@Gargron Also, Cloudflare is implicated in the willful blocking of websites promoting ecological consciousness, that oppose Indian Government attempts to water down the law that regulates and controls transfer of forest and non urban lands for industrial use.

@privvcy Do you have any reading material on that, or is it just hearsay?


@andr0nymous @Gargron It is being discussed in the ecology groups that have members of the groups whose sites have been taken down. All Cloudflare hosted, and no legal reason to be taken offline

@Gargron You'll like it even more when Twitter gets smashed to pieces within your lifetime, which I think is a reasonable thing to hope for.

I like how they repeatedly pretend that third-party client apps don't need to exist and just dismiss that use case entirely. They REALLY want people using their crappy, manipulative, ad-infested official apps. Doubly funny because many features that were later baked into the platform itself first emerged in third-party apps. Like, you know, retweets, replies, all that kind of stuff.

That said, Twitter was amazing 10 years ago. That openness gave so many interesting opportunities. No one could've thought they'll be taking that away for the sake of earning all the money in the world.

@grishka Actually, Twitter isn't earning a significant part of the ad pie, Zuck openly laughts about this. It's peanuts. There were a couple of initiatives of userbases to buy Twitter free and turn it into a non-profit.

Maxi von Böhmen ☑️, "earning all the money in the world" is an attitude. The one that inevitably leads to crappy products and disgruntled users.

@grishka "No one"? Bitch please.

A centralized platform always either dies or turns into an ad-ridden nightmare, no matter what it is.


Dr. Quadragon ❌, yeah and back then it was only the beginning of centralized social platforms. There were yet no examples of how it goes. IIRC even Facebook didn't quite start selling ads as fiercely as it does now. I remember it having enough of an API that one could build a full-fledged alternative client. Same for Instagram — only thing you couldn't do with the public API was post.

@Gargron "funny"

Can't wait to see how much they're gonna charge for it when they actually launch it 🙄

@Gargron The hubris once you reach a certain size is ridiculous and I would love to sit down in a room with them one on one and ask them "Would YOU use your own product?"

@Gargron I’ve always hated Twitter. I’m brand new here, so still trying to get the feel of the community, but I’m up for anything that’s not Twitter.

@Gargron Looks like the last remaining functions of Tweedle will stop working. So sad...

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