A journalist is asking me how the Indian community of Mastodon is doing after its late-2019 rise to prominence. Unfortunately unless someone here has any numbers I'm going to have to say that I don't know, since Mastodon does not track user locations...

@Gargron Speaking from experience, most have gone back to Twitter since then. A very small handful have stayed back and moved on to other instances and the likes.

@Gargron Oh, and a lot of those who seem active are running bridge services that cross post their tweets to their mastodon profiles. They can be identified by a distinct lack of replies on their profiles.

(Used to follow a bunch of such accounts, ended up removing them because they can take that broadcast culture to twitter where it belongs.)

@Ludonaut Yeah very cool except it'll result in no story being written about Mastodon

@Gargron @Ludonaut Not your fault in that case. Journalist should do their job.

@tagomago @Ludonaut Heh. If there's nothing to report on there's no story. "Mastodon doesn't track user locations" is a fact, not news.

@Gargron @Ludonaut Nothing (no numbers) to report on your side, but the journalist should go and check by themself what's going on. That's journalism. Otherwise it's just quoting statements, which nowadays is thought as equivalent. Anyway...

@Gargron So Mastodon should create a scandal! 😉 Maybe let someone hack your account? 😉

@tagomago @Ludonaut

@Gargron Most of us left, only those who refused to play by the random rules of bird site, are continuing. It can be awfully quiet, even dull here at times, but not toxic, threatening or invasive..thats the story so far.

@Gargron there is moo reason you should be expected to know how the users of your platform are doing as a society. That question is #1. Too generalized and #2. Unknowable. Mastodon doesn’t track users and a journalist who has done the research should know that.

@Gargron I am an Indian and I think we are doing the same thing what other country people are doing here on mastodon. Fediverse is a borderless universal concept

@Gargron I remember joining the instance you're talking about, during its rise. On first sight, it seemed like the instance was filled with Indian right-wingers who'd been de-platformed from Twitter, so I promptly made my exit.

@Gargron isn't that the point anyway? we don't track anyone or anything 🤘

@Gargron speaking of national communities, why does Mastodon seem so popular with Japanese speakers?

@Gargron as far as I see, most of them returned back. Some stayed. I took some time exploring the Fediverse[1], and now I'm working on creating a new Mastodon instance. Fediverse is very inspiring! Although I'm sad that this is no news for the journalist.


@Gargron most went back to twitter because they lost their audience and the immediate traction they got over there. The Indian community here is very small.

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