"How could I ever trust my Mastodon admin with my data? A large company like Twitter is more secure because they have proper procedures in place" A large company like Twitter:

@Gargron I'm totally up for bribery on a massive scale and would happily sell ALL my users' data for enough money

@Gargron If they can easily bribe a highly paid silicon valley admin, how easy will it be to bribe a fediverse volunteer admin you think?

Well for sure such high profiles should be hosted on highly secured instances and not volunteers hosted instances. Not the same threat model. But still, because it is distributed, you can't attack one admin panel and get access to everything. Still better than Twitter.

@Gargron Less of a target and more likely to care about what they do. So.....

Don't trust the Mastodon instance admin? Just host your own.

Don't trust the Twitter admin? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Gargron reuters sucks anyway they fear monger. I've seen "news" about covid on that site that wasn't on any other website so it's a fake news website.

@Dan_S @Gargron P.S. I'm not trying to normalise misinformation here, I'm simply pointing out a common trend in sources of information, like news websites.

Personally, I commend your skepticism of news sources. It's always good to check the biases, and the legitimacy of the author of an informational article.

If you are paranoid about this just host your own instance.
But I think the main problem remains to make sure your identity is not spoofed.

@Gargron oh wow, so they bribed a Twitter engineer to get all that juicy data

@Gargron to be fair, a clear appeals process is very valuable to users. Sometimes I think we should grant our users the right to a jury of their peers in moderation.
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