Documentation updates:

I've written details about the majority of environment variables in Mastodon:

And I wrote about how to proxy S3 stuff through nginx to save money:

@Gargron How about caching with CloudFlare ?
Especially when in front of B2, as this is totally free.

I cannot use CF due to that:

@benoit I was using Cloudflare caching for a long time using the method I documented. You just use Cloudflare DNS for your However, caching only media files through Cloudflare is against their terms of service.

@Gargron You mean CF --> Custom nginx-proxy --> S3 Backend? Kinda overkill :/

Didn't know this ToS Oo.

@benoit Yes. You can easily rewrite paths in nginx to make whatever adjustments to URL structures you may need. Nginx is not overkill, Cloudflare by itself does not do cache locking. What this means is that if 5,000 clients request the same file at the same time, Cloudflare will happily serve 5,000 uncached requests. With nginx cache locking, only one request will be uncached, the rest will then be served from cache.

@Gargron proxy_cache_lock, interesting directive!
Will try your method.
Thanks for the doc!

@Gargron Now running with your nginx proxy tips!

CloudFlare -- > HAProxy --> Mastodon LXD container --> Nginx --> BackBlaze B2

:blobsweat: But it works.

@trwnh I didn't do it on purpose because it's not a "feature" of Mastodon.

Also lorde the menu is quite uncomfortably big.

@Gargron there should be a way to get it to auto-collapse, right? i know vuepress does auto-collapsing, idk how you'd get it to work in hugo though...

@trwnh You need to add JavaScript into the mix for it

@Gargron this is *awesome*. is there a docs page on the the required additional configuration for WEB_DOMAIN as I would love to move references to my parent domain?

@Gargron ah, gotcha! yeah, i poked around a bit and couldn't find anything. would love to get to grips with how that all works - was a feature i really liked when i set up my matrix server previously, haha

@alli I mean the gist is that you need /.well-known/webfinger path on the top level domain to serve Mastodon. I think that's all you really need

However, changing the domain of an already federating server will definitely break things so 😬

@Gargron Makes sense. Thanks! It's just my personal server so I might give it a try anyway and hope it doesn't break too too much stuff with followers :P thank you!

@alli It will kind of definitely require your followers to re-follow you. Probably the cleanest way would be to pretend your server is deleted (tootctl self-destruct), change its name, then re-import who you were following and ask your old followers to follow you back. Uncharted territory here

@Gargron found some old docs! my understanding of LOCAL_DOMAIN and WEB_DOMAIN was backwards which is why I was so confused & trying to push forward with Bad Ideas. thanks for all your help and provided info, I really appreciate it.

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