Oh, I just realized the screenshot on hasn't been updated since the single-column UI became the default 😬

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Let's play a game of "can I scroll somewhere on my home feed where I can take a screenshot without any shitposts in it"

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@gargron You need to scare away the sort of users who prefer single-column on desktop.

We don't need their kind!

@apLundell I use multi-column on one account and single-column on others. It depends on how you use the account. Either way I'm not interested in scaring anyone off.

@Gargron I wouldn't worry too much - my onboarding experience was smooth and straightforward.

@alangmarz I've had a UX study done with random people with no tech background recently and we actually lose a lot of people in onboarding

I'm working on fixing that

@Gargron That's interesting, but why it's important to do studies. I read into the detail around Mastodon; watched a few YouTube videos. The hardest part was choosing an instance, but once I discovered .online was developed by you and is general, that was that.

@maique Thanks Maique. Nice to find another micro.blogger here.

@Gargron it wasn't until I read your post that I realized I turned on single column as "an experiment" and it's still on months later and I love it.

We've got to change that. Our UI is still the old one.

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