I've been working on improving the UX of joinmastodon.org with @pamdrouin and the changes are now live.



The sign up section has been moved to a separate page, the confusingly interchanging usage of tech jargon like "instance" and "server" has been removed in favour of "community". The questions "can I move my account later" and "can I talk to people from other communities" is answered upfront. Categories are now at the front and the communities are grouped by language with a prominent language filter option. Communities that don't offer instant sign-up are now clearly marked as such upfront.

All pages are now linked from the bottom of each page, and each page now has its own tab title (instead of all having the same one). The homepage has been streamlined. I've also fixed various layout issues for the right-to-left versions of the pages (currently only Arabic).

Also, the website can now be translated using Crowdin:


I've also changed the API for the list of communities, so that communities like toot.wales can be in both the English and Welsh languages, and communities like tech.lgbt can be in both Tech and LGBT categories.

@Gargron I like the term Community. Seems obvious, in retrospect, which the best terms usually do.

@Gargron I like it + having joinmastodon.org/communities on its own url and so clean is a major improvement. Probably could use more instances listed but in terms of design it feels much simpler.

@hugo agreed. great update @Gargron.

I can nominate mastodon.technology, mastodon.cloud, mstdn.io, social.linux.pizza, toomanycooks.social. I'm not sure whether instance admins should nominate their own instances. Is there a repository where anyone can open a pull/merge-request? Is the communities list API open source?

Nice update, thanks!
Regarding the list of available communities, is there a place where we can propose new ones? I noticed many are still missing, e.g. for Academia (at least 3 of them)

@Gargron having worked on small projects translations in my late teens I was curious to see how the website helps the localization process. It's a shame you have to sign-in to just view the progress and/or access the editing interface :blobugh:

@hopugop You can see the progress without loggin in, e.g. 63% for Albanian

@Gargron yeah, I meant actually looking how it tracks/shows pending lines, etc. Great work nonetheless.

@Gargron clever! such a simple change. Will helps a lot of new comers

@Gargron mir ist gerade noch ein wichtiger Punkt aufgefallen.

joinmastodon.org arbeitet nur mit dunklem Hintergrund. Ich bin zwar kein Wissenschaftler, aber das ist NICHT der Hintergrund, den z.B. Frauen bevorzugen. Sie lieben es eher hell und FREUNDLICH. Das kann man selbst testen. Einfach mal nachfragen, welche Hintergrundfarbe die meisten Menschen in ihren Chat-Programmen verwenden. Dabei möglichst KEINE Techies befragen. 😉

@Gargron I don't know if 'community' is the right description. At least not until @renatolond's PR is merged (github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/).

And even than I think 'community server' would be better.

@Gargron What kind of question is that!? No, I didn't follow an UX study. Actually when I was young there wasn't even a UX study. I had to learn a lot of things by myself, also for personal reasons. So be careful about what you ask.

Anyhow, it's great @pamdrouin helped you, but it's better to consult with multiple UX/UI designers. Because it's now the third name you give to a Mastodon server (instance>server>community). That's confusing for users and frustrating for translators*.

I'm not against the word 'community', but to name it a 'community' it needs more community tools, like @renatolond PR.

* Community in Dutch is literally 'gemeenschap'. It's a word that doesn't fit well in computer jargon, and is used more for offline communities. This is probably with more languages the case.

@jeroenpraat Translating joinmastodon.org is not your job or responsibility and having to translate a new string should not be a factor in changing website copy to improve its effectiveness.

I will trust suggestions that come from interviewing random people with no preconception of what Mastodon is over someone's personal opinion. You are a sysadmin. You know what a server is. A random person doesn't. Tech jargon alienates. Community is more intuitive in that context.

@Gargron One more thing:

"Just like when signing up for an e-mail address, one community is going to be hosting your account and be part of your online identity."

This is really confusing, because people don't consider an email provider a community. It was a good comparison when it was named a server (like email server), but this doesn't make sense. Better to skip the email comparison and change it to:

"This community will host your account and be part of your online identity."

@Gargron now, if the saints lose so much as one doggone game i'm gonna really get upset!

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