This feels like half of a a change intended to mimic facebook, and then they just didn't do the other half.

@Gargron @darius
Ah, yeah; the big string of numerals, one of my criteria for whether or not to report an account as fake — along with not having anything in the bio, less than 100 followers, a join date less than a year ago, and a default generic avi.

@flugennock The point of my article is that it's not actually a very good criterion for reporting an account as fake, at least on its own! I agree that if all the things you list are true then it's worth some side-eye.

As I mentioned... a string of numerals in the username is only one of several criteria I use, along with the bio, avi, follower count and join date.

@flugennock @Gargron @darius

lol you would have blocked my twitter account by going by that metric

@impotus @Gargron @darius
Not by that criterion alone, but it does make me want to dig further to check your account out — join date, avi, bio, masthead art, number of tweets, number of followers, and a look at your feed to see what else you've posted.

Nearly a decade on Twitter has taught me to be ruthless in that regard, for my own protection.

@flugennock @Gargron @darius

I get you tho. I do the same now. I"ve only recently started using twitter

@Gargron @darius

That's as may be, but usernames with big strings of numerals at the end are still pretty much a sure sign of a troll/bot/other fake account, and I nuke 'em from orbit accordingly.

Why take chances?
WHOOMP, problem solved.

@flugennock Okay but... they're really not? That's what I try to show in my article. They are a sure sign of someone who is not very social media savvy being led astray by Twitter's weird/bad UI choices. It's not their fault.

I understand that; I've read it.

The sad reality these days, however, is that a bunch of numerals in the username is one of many signs of a bot/troll/fake account. Along with that and other criteria, I also take a look at their feed, just to make sure.

I haven't gone wrong yet.
Better safe than sorry.

@Gargron @darius that is.....a bizarre UX decision

Like I know finding unique usernames on the internet is getting increasingly difficult, but this doesn’t feel like its actually solving that problem—if anything restricting people to the FirstLast12345 format is reducing the total number of learnable usernames

@impotus i’m not sure which part of my post this is a response to?

@Satsuma What i'm saying is make up your own words. New words are made everyday

@impotus does that have anything to do with twitters username generator or


No i'm not speaking of that but you yourself keeping the funk alive by speaking in idioms.

Satshumans >/Sats-human>/Sat-Shuma>/Sats-Uma etc etc

Play on words, play on phonetics, play on letters

@Gargron seems like a silent move towards a facebook-based logic, in which we are not freely invented characters, but version of ourselves in such environment. I remember when our username was displayed rather than our names, and when they switched it (also silently) they were possibly beginning such move.

@Gargron @darius Interesting, but people with these kinds of usernames generally only get dismissed as "bots" after also exhibiting disagreeable behaviour or opinions.

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