@Gargron With all respect, her first big mistake was expecting to find a woman-centric safe space on a smartphone app — especially on an app called "Giggle".

@Gargron ...but — how do you KNOW the other users you're interacting with are women or girls?

Remember that old joke — "on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"?

@Gargron Oh, for god's sake, she gave up a foto of her face? Anybody could just hold up a foto to the camera and snap it.
...and what are they DOING with the fotos?

With all respect, that young lady was played big-time. I mean, she totally walked right into it.

@Gargron Honestly, seriously, and with all respect — this doesn't excuse the security and privacy issues, but if an app you're planning to use wants a selfie, uses AI to verify it, is practically bristling with red flags and promises of safety and security... oh, jeez, that's totally asking for trouble.

@Gargron I've found it safest to go on the assumption that if an app promises safety and security, it can't deliver; if it promises not to store your foto, it does; and if it promises that it doesn't store your data, LOOK THE HELL OUT.

@carrabelloy Die Lizenz hast du schon, musst dir dazu keine Sorgen machen. Mastodon wird mit der AGPLv3 Lizenz geliefert.

@Gargron omfg. I guess the human kind needs something more serious than covid to purge all the shit and make evolution work again. Idk nuke maybe?

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