I kind of want a way to share 10-15 sec looping videos without quality loss right from iOS. I don't want any social features, nothing, just something that would allow me to send an impression of a moment to a friend...

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@Gargron does the Clips app and sharing via AirDrop not fit your needs?

@Gargron Do you mean something similar to Telegram's video messages and ?

Or something like Snapchat? What are your requirements/ideals?

@Gargron If you mail the video to them (and you use iCloud Mail) Apple will automatically upload the video to a server and mail a link:

@Gargron Samsungs have something like this, with burst photos.

@Gargron you don't want more of them likes? Comments? Subscriptions? Maybe I could interest you in an advertising deal, or sponsorship? What about related videos? You should tell your friend about your Patreon.

@Gargron I just discovered the looping feature for Live Photo’s like a week ago so in case you’re interested here’s the steps but I don’t think you can get 10 seconds from it

@Gargron hey, can't we add a video site to Mastodon? maybe like youtube but with more features?

@Gargron On Android I just add the clip or pictures to a zip file and send it. It works also using WhatsApp or s* like that. Don't know how to do that on iOS however.

@Gargron aside from looping, this seems doable using the shortcuts app;
Take a short video -> Share

Taking a video can start immediately,
The share action automatically prompts to trim the video.
I guess however the video is sent might determine if it will be played in a loop for the recipient.

@Gargron I host my own Nextcloud and my phone's camera app is set to automatically upload new content to my server. Whenever I want to share something I just use the Nextcloud mobile app to generate a public link directly to the file in question instead of posting it to social media. No loss of quality because they're looking directly at the video file itself.

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