@Gargron I still bet i’d have barely enough control on my device (for example hiding the voice typing button on the keyboard even though you have disabled the feature)

@grishka @Gargron As long as Google doesn’t mandate prompt delivery of patches and OS upgrades nothing else really matters.

Brad Ackerman, Google doesn't and can't technically have the power to enforce this.

@grishka @brad If they are able to use gapps as a leverage to bully vendors into compliance, they are probably capable of dictating security policies as well. They just don't care.

@Gargron The IDFA changes are wreaking absolute havoc on adtech and surveillance capitalism vendors, and it is lovely to see.

@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron man can I say that I switched phones at the exact right time? every iOS version for like 3 major ones now has supported the 6s as minimum target

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