I want to get back into reading so I'm easing myself in with something I already know. I tried Equal Rites first but it didn't take. I've begun re-reading Artemis Fowl again.

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@Gargron Small Gods is a solid standalone which can ease you back into the awesomeness of the Pratchett universe

@Gargron Terry Pratchett is my favorite author but yeah, the older ones are kind of a chore

@Louisa @Gargron I agree with both of these statements. I've only read Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic once I think. There are others I've read at least half a dozen times.

@Gargron what a throwback, Artemis Fowl was one of my favourites as a kid! Possibly only because of the sparkly cover though.

@JakeMansion No, it's actually really good, remember the characters! Root! Fowly! Mulch! Butler!

@Gargron True! Holly was probably one of the first bad-ass female characters I came across too. Ishould dig them up and re-read.

@Gargron Oh no please don't give up on Pratchett

but maybe start with Guards! Guards!, that's when the 'modern Ankh-Morpork' really started and it's a solid wassname, metaphor for the human condition, and if that's not bad enough, it's also a bloody huge fiery flying thing.

Or Pyramids, because it's filled with Ancient Egyptian AND confectionary name puns.

(The warring kingdoms of Hersheba and Djelibabi are awesome)

@natecull @gargron I'd recommend going with the Tiffany Aching stuff TBH, they are quicker reads, depend less on knowing about the setting. But I haven't read the Guard stuff yet and have heard it's great.

@Gargron man I haven't thought about Artemis Fowl in years, but I remember reading it voraciously. Thanks for reminding me!

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