My possibly unpopular view on documentation translations is that they are more of a liability than an asset when you don't have someone whose literal job it is to ensure those translations are always up to date. If something changes and the information becomes out of date it's worse than if you (in the worst case) had to use Google Translate on the page. But it's so difficult to say no when someone's already put their time into translating so I don't know where I'm going with this

@Gargron instead of saying no, you can ask the person to watch for changes

@Gargron Da hilft wohl nur eine Kombination aus 2 technischen Lösungen. 1. Eine maschinelle Anzeige in der Übersetzung, wenn die Vorlage geändert wurde. Dann ist der Leser gewarnt. 2. Bei Änderungen in der Vorlage eine automatische Nachricht an eine Gruppe freiwilliger Übersetzer.
Natürlich wird niemand die Aufgabe übernehmen manuell nach Änderungen zu sehen.

@Gargron what if it was my literal job to manage the docs for mastodon

That's the reason why I won't have any documentation in languages I don't know.

How about epoch dates on the docs pages?

"Translated on $(DATE), from the $(ORIGINAL_LOCALE) dated $(ORIGINAL_DATE)."

That way you can see roughly how stale they are.

@ewhac @Gargron Many people seem to have some kind of a "metadata filter"—they only see these warnings when it's too late. Occasionally this applies to myself as well.

@Gargron I'm sorry to take your time. You can ignore the translation. If so, perhaps I may adjust and post it on another place. I'm ok.

@Gargron I had not notice, thanks for the merge the translation. I hope I continue to follow up in some small way, but if you feel it is outdated, please remove it then.

@Gargron Datestamp/revision-code the translation? ("Translation of documentation as of build 12345") and make that very visible?

@Gargron I think you need to hire me to write a documentation formatting tool that explores git to see if changes have been made to fragments of documentation between whatever revision the translation was made at and the checkin of the documenation fragment.

@Gargron you might need a localised banner to warn about outdated documentation, and put it everywhere when there’s version change.

@electret @Gargron this. That is how @Liberapay warns it's people when it's not updated. Maybe just increase the translation team? The Dutch translation of Liberapay is completed within two days most of the time.

@Gargron I have seen so many low quality and therefore unreadable translations. I once had a client project where I had to fix machine translation from English to Finnish, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even guess the meaning of all sentenges, because of wrong synonyms and/or incorrect declensions. More common language pairs may be fine with machine translation, but I think blanks/outdated parts should just display English 🤔

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