In the next version of Mastodon, you’ll be able to continue watching or listening as you scroll away from a post

@Gargron is the switch to disable the hell out of this going to be easy to find?

@zensaiyuki Well, you can stop playback before scrolling away?

@Gargron right but can i decide that i never ever want this and just switch it off?

@Gargron Looks neat but I'm wondering where this player goes when the screen width is low enough to push it to single column? Will it dodge the new post floating button?

@Gargron sorry I mentioned it haha, I'll let you get back to work! :awesome:

@mike The only thing you're distracting me from right now is a bowl of dry cereal

I don't really know how it's *supposed* to work. Perhaps it just shouldn't be a thing on mobile at all.

@Gargron maybe not on mobile but I do use that view on my laptop pretty regularly as well as my phone and it'd kind of be nice to have the option sometimes.

Maybe a much flatter view that hugs the screen bottom when it's in super compact modes like that? I'm thinking along the lines of a typical 4x1 music player widget on Android.

@mike @Gargron not sure about video, but for audio I dig the pattern SoundCloud (web and android app) uses: indeed a flat bar across the bottom that holds the state of the current playing audio. It feels natural that it continues playing even when browsing away, or clicking the back button.

@Gargron any chance of a minimise button to hide the video too? :) Usually when I scroll away from a (music) video, I'm only interested in the audio of it. :)

@Gargron please do this like on Tumblr, where you click a little pin button 📌 in order to show such popup, otherwise this will be annoying (I frequently just scroll vidyas out of view to pause them).

Other than that looks super cool, really like this.

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