Anybody else having problems with commenting on #apconf2020 videos from Mastodon? When trying to fetch a video like from Masto by URI, I get a 403 error.

/cc @rgggn @sl007


@schmittlauch @sl007 It seems this video has been posted with what in Mastodon translates as direct visibility

@schmittlauch @sl007 Current JSON representation on the origin seems to be public. I wonder if visibility on PeerTube videos is mutable and someone fetched the URL before it was made public? Mastodon does not support updates like that.

@Gargron Earlier today around 12:00 UTC I did successfully fetch and comment on it. But around midnight UTC I tried to fetch the keynote and it failed with 403.
Has anyone of the publishers or peertube admins changed anything in that period? @mlemweb @rgggn @sl007

@Gargron @schmittlauch @mlemweb

Thanks for looking into it!

Right, this is my talk and it is one of only 3 videos showing up. Click here to check -> @apconf

Let me explain:
We collected all videos on peertube unlisted.
A new user thinks of this as "unfederated".

Then when all talks arrived we set them public.
A new user thinks, this means "federate public" but it did not.

Mine is a replacement talk for another one dropped out and so I published the 3 last ones directly public …

@sl007 @Gargron @schmittlauch @mlemweb @rgggn @apconf oh shit, so there it no way to fix this I don't think other then reuploading them, that sucks

@liaizon No, the current state is fine. The issue appears when instances have already fetched them earlier and have them cached.
See for a workaround @sl007 @Gargron @mlemweb @rgggn @apconf

@schmittlauch @liaizon @sl007 @mlemweb @apconf Wakest is right though the only reliable way to make them public on all places that might have them cached is re-posting them.

@schmittlauch @sl007 @mlemweb @rgggn @apconf

@Gargron can you delete the cache for specifically for would that work? since its probably the biggest instance that is currently messed up like this


@mewmew @apconf @sl007 @mlemweb @liaizon @schmittlauch From Rails console:

Account.find_remote('apconf', '').statuses.where(visibility: :direct).each { |s| }

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@Gargron @mewmew @apconf @rgggn @sl007 @mlemweb @schmittlauch

@mastohost would you possibly be able to run this for all instances you host?! that would probably solve 70 percent of the remaining issues!

@mastohost @liaizon @gargron @apconf @rgggn @sl007 @schmittlauch

I can't contribute anything to debugging, thank you all for your work on that. I agree with @eest9 that we shouldn't delete and re-upload, the videos have been shared too many times to go back and fix all of the links.

I propose that we update the descriptions on with links to the SocialHub topics for each talk, and between that, the instances that have been fixed on mastodon, & #apconf2020 we'll be fine

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