@Gargron China also stopped accepting America's plastic for recycling.

"Reduce, reuse, recycle"
Recycle is last for a reason. People often forget that.

@Gargron yeah. I found this to be a pretty good take on recycling and climate change:

" Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals"

The article is USA centered.

The situation is both better and improving faster in EU. (Still far from perfect)

This two year old article describe some ongoing actions to fix the problem:

@Gargron Bio-Degradable plastics are good for the environment and can solve this problem. However Oxy-degradable plastics are also marketed and sold as bio degradable plastics.

Bio degradable plastics are created from biologically sourced materials. Oxy degradable plastics are regular plastics with additives which helps the plastic to degrade when exposed to sunlight and oxygen.

Unlike Bio degradable plastics, oxy degradable plastics exist as micro plastic after breaking.

Recently I bought a packet of sliced semi hard cheese.

Wrapped in plastic, laid on a plastic tray inside (why?), and in between the slices, a thin plastic film (wtf?). Puzzled, I looked for the recycling marks: PE - wrapper, PVC - tray, EVOH? Film, probably.

EVOH is difficult to make and expensive, usually not or only slowly biodegradable, difficult to recycle and "on the upside does not produce toxic or harmful by-products when properly incinerated".

Wasteful, did not buy it again.

@Gargron I have no doubt it was a lie by the people initialy promoting it.

That doesn't mean recycling of plastic has to stay a lie.

Or even that it will stay a lie.

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