Next version of Mastodon will allow managing IP blocks from the admin interface

@Gargron I'd love to see more pages rendered of top posts... most boosted, most favourited on the main server about page/directory!

@Gargron comment shoudn't be optional. There need to be reasons listed.

@Gargron may I know what are the case scenario for this options?

@Gargron we also need a real user challenger when registration, like reCaptcha does

@Gargron Awesome! Is there a way restrict sign-up to only one domain?

@r No, EMAIL_DOMAIN_DENYLIST is deprecated because you can manage it dynamically from the admin UI. EMAIL_DOMAIN_ALLOWLIST is not deprecated.

@Gargron ah, thanks. so we can use ALLOWLIST and leave DENYLIST empty (use admin UI for it)? Thanks.

@Gargron Yeah,finally a new great way to completely block the Google network after I dropped Cloudflare 😍

@Gargron We already have that in QOTO and I think we pulled it from upstream mastodon as I myself didnt code that part.. works great here so far. Thanks for the contribution.

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