If there was a small testimonials section on, do you know of any posts or statements I could use there? That was another recommendation by the UX designer that we didn't have time to flesh out.

@Gargron Here is my recommendation

"Mastodon is totally mewy chewy dude"

@Gargron there

"I have waited years to finally get to a point where you can have both a decentralized social network and a nice and fluid user interface. Mastodon made it possible to make my social networking dreams come true."

Also jorts are still cool

@Gargron "sitting on my dick and cumming in my own ass, and nine months later giving birth to myself out of my ass"
—Jim Davis, creator of Garfield

@Gargron Have that section, but it's only images of pineapples.

@Gargron Hmm. I feel like I might have to go back in time a bit to dig some things up. I'll look.

@Gargron "In centralized social networks, you have to trust a for-profit corporation to verify and protect people's identities. So far, they have failed miserably at both.

In Fediverse, you have full control over how much you reveal about yourself to make people believe that you are who you say you are."

Something like
Welcome to mastodon ! Mastodon is what you bring to it by yourself at your instance level and through instance interconnections
I've done it for free for you to be free
Keep in mind you are here to be yourself and meet other people worldwide

@Gargron Can I recommend testimonials from instance owners/admins?

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