I absolutely do not care about 5G support in the iPhone, it's probably gonna be a decade before Germany has any coverage

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Smaller size is an improvement, 11 doesn't fit in one hand very comfortably

No please let's NOT talk more about 5G please 😩

Honestly 11 is such a good phone that I don't know how they could top that. More performance? But I don't suffer any performance limitations anyway, what am I gonna do, sequence proteins on this thing?

Alright so in summary the 12 Pro is a pretty cool phone

@Gargron damn, imagine having any hope of a 5g rollout in your area within the lifespan of these apple devices

@Gargron tbh the ONLY thing making me consider selling my 11 Pro for a 12 Pro is the flat sides
I really like Apple’s flat sided phones and ipad pro

@ilovecomputers I don't know if I could afford it, but I'd definitely want it. Gotta see how much exchanging it for the 11 would bring the price down

@Gargron you didn't miss anything then... But I confess that I play it 🤭

@Gargron they’re all too wide and heavy imho: small hands don’t stand a chance :(

@Gargron Yeah, whatever, let's cut the the chase; just what kind of otherworldly ridiculous-sized mountain of cash are they asking for the thing?

I hear they're still making the much-cheaper SE this year...? I could be wrong.

@Gargron Yeah I feel you. I went from a 6S Plus to an Android phone earlier this year and I regret everything. I am coming back to iPhone with the 12.

@Gargron even if we did have the cover, what's the point? Streaming in 4K? Everything I do on my phone works great with LTE.

@Gargron Don’t worry, the US doesn’t have coverage either!

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