I watched a french toast recipe on YouTube last night and bought ingredients today, I'm tempted to make it now but that's probably not the smartest after-gym food I should cook steak instead

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I made french toast successfully, but too much of it. It probably won't be a regular thing for me.

@Gargron Almost looks like potato pancakes. Well then, good hunger. Did you bake bread And is that sugar on the fried bread? Enjoy your meal.

@Gargron doesn't look like too much to me. Slap some brown sauce on there and get it down yer face hole.

re: auto cw: could contain food 

@gnomon @Gargron
That's just not french toast... we call this "pain perdu" and only use eat to avoid to throw away old bread... As french are really addict to bread, they don't eat very often this, because bread is finished quickly and don't have the time to become old, dry and hard. The two mosts eaten toasts are just, as said in a branch of this thread more salty: toasted bread + butter for the morning (sometimes add it jam), or croque-Monsieur/croque madame) bread + ham + béchamelle + cheese. This is the most famous toast in france, than we can eat in any bar/brasserie.


@remram44 @Gargron remirampin.com/ 👌 👍 😎 Geiles Desing leider für mich nicht übersetzbar & mit Englisch. Ich hatte es nie wirklich gekonnt. Besonders nach meinem Unfall wie de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_ Es war ein leidenschaftlicher Sport. Den ich genauso betrieben hatte. Nur nicht das Geld dafür hatte. Doch in meinem Leben hatte ich immer Bleifuß. Downhill war mein Sport & einen Tag später als Michael Schumacher dasselbe passiert.Bei mir mit dem Fahrrad.Daher überhaupt kein English mehr

@Gargron It's just a big image (2.7 MB), took a while to load on my phone. You said you had "too much of it" so I made a joke 😐 sorry

@remram44 Oh no, that was funny, I just didn't realize the photo was 3 MB large 😅

@Gargron I tried to make french toast once, but eventually it looked like "鸡蛋馒头片”(a Chinese fried food made from egg liquid and sliced steamed buns). But now I realize that at least in terms of apperence, there are no difference between french toast and 鸡蛋馒头片.😂 😂 😂


It freezes well. Just toss into toaster to thaw and warm.

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