How do you wish the profile directory was categorized?

Hashtags in bio approach was not the most effective, was it now

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I can summarize the issues it had as follows:

- Difficult to discover that it was a thing you could do (missing UI hints)

- Cost of adding "unnecessary" hashtags into bio text (some don't want to do it)

- Free-form input means there's multiple hashtags for the same thing (makes browsing more frustrating)

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@Gargron Do you know a % of those who used hashtags vs those who didn't?

I tried doing a poll (small) and in my case most didn't bother. Curious as to what you've been seeing.

@carrabelloy @Gargron


Give the option to use proper metadata, such as Dublin Core.

@Gargron the main problem that Mastodon keeps ignoring is that most people don't want to follow random people they've never known. They want to find whoever they already know.

Profile directory is sure nice to have, but it doesn't answer the question "which of my friends are on fediverse and where".

@grishka @Gargron A few months ago I did a poll where I asked people how many of their circles here they knew in person, and more than 1/3 knew 0 of their followers and followees in person. Those who knew a majority or all was a handful.

I didn't really use Twitter much but there to I feel like for most people the majority of their networks are strangers. Tho that's an outsider observation, so don't quote me on that.

@cadadr @Gargron yeah, that's what I meant — that's because there is no way to find people you know besides asking them what their usernames are. So, naturally, they follow whoever they're able to find. And so that's the result you get.

For me, it's always been the exact opposite. On any social media platform (except Mastodon!) the majority of my connections is with people I know in person. So I'm naturally perplexed that nothing in the fediverse is built around this. Will fix with .

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