I haven't personally watched because I feel like it would be listening to things I've already said but repeated by someone else louder

@Gargron It was that way for me. The only winning move is not to play, and the tiger will not change its stripes, to put it succinctly.

@Gargron did it for me. I always knew, but I wasn’t sure how much surveillance and tracking was being done. Something clicked in my brain and I had to make a turn around.

@Gargron I think the information is something that a lot of people know already. It is more about the way it is presented and who is explaining it (sometimes the very devs who worked on the specific function that they are incriminating). It is worth a watch.

@diabeticus yeah, it’s how it was laid out that was nice. It was explained better than I could.

@Gargron we should encourage exposure to, and participation in, this conversation by as large a population as possible and if perceived or real expertise and glossy production helps do that, I'm all for it

@Gargron Mind you, it would give you the pleasure of hearing it louder and knowing that even more people heard it. I think you should read the interview with Tristan et. al. in the Guardian (2016?), watch The Social Dilemma and feel warm and thankful that you have seen this before everybody else. You will see other things too before the rest of us. Then you can spread the word and let us know 🙂

@Gargron Basically Netflix says that Youtube is evil ..... and Facebook too. It is funny how Netflix tactics to keep people hooked watching series, using exactly the same AI and tactics are never mentioned through the movie produced by Netflix.

@erm67 @Gargron had the same thought 😃
their algorithm is not that different from youtube

@gargron I saw it the other day and it was interesting to see some of the things I'd wondered about confirmed by people who played influential roles in the development of social media, but a bit heavy on the docu-drama.

@Gargron The single biggest failing in the Social Dilemma film is ending the film with a what you can do section that gave no credit or mention of you or any other fediverse developers.

@InternetKevin @Gargron This is a general issue. Political thinking goes for how FB should be regulated instead of avoiding it completely. Politicians have still no idea of alternative tech, and still most people have never seen a social network without the backing megacorp and its seduction casting, bubble blowing, fake news boosting engine.

@gerazo @Gargron The whole point of the film was that social media was fundamentally broken by design, but then they ended it by saying if you wanted to keep using social media you could make some minor changes to your habits. A missed opportunity.

@Gargron It doesn't present anything new to the all.

But it is semi interesting the way they dramatise its effects on a family, and they interview some industry heavy hitters. It is good to hear things in their own words.

Worth watching but nothing too special.

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