@Gargron Also, this is a dangerous precedent, probably even more dangerous than the takedown of Fediverse and Mastodon clients.

It's not THAT far from taking down curl or wget or anytorrent client for that matter.

@drq @Gargron
That's just spiteful, they want to manage what we're allowed to do with free videos on our own hardware. Though youtube-dl doesn't do anything worse than libdvdcss, so if VideoLAN can still exist then youtube-dl can survive too.
@drq @Gargron looks like we may have to download sources from torrents soon.

@iron_bug Hmm. This might be an idea. BitTorrent extension for git? Or/and ForgeFed?


@iron_bug @drq @Gargron yes, I've just realized this myself. because nowadays we may have to make something resistible to different attacks on open source.

JauntyWunderKind, that's the US legal system for ya. Apparently everything is done to appease the corporations, world be damned. And apparently it is legally allowed to pay lawmakers to convince them to pass certain laws (wtf?!?!?).

IMO, copyright term need to be significantly reduced. To something around 1-5 years, from effectively fucking eternity it is today. With copyright term this short, it'll still fulfill its original purpose — to allow the creator to earn their money — but reduce the abuse potential to around nothing. Just imagine the world without this rampant RIAA and MPAA hegemony. As it stands now, copyright is stifling creativity.

@Gargron the nerve of those bastards...super coincidence I was about to try it out later today wtf

@gargron The latest release files including source code are still on PyPI, recommend everyone downloads a copy and stashes it somewhere for a while: pypi.org/project/youtube_dl/#f

@cathal @Gargron fhat does not confain the git history though. Does anyone have a compy of their latest state?

@Gargron you need telegram to open it but ignore that, we have a latest copy mirror https://git.ghnou.su/mir/youtube-dl

@Gargron are they f*cking kiddig, what the f… is this sh*t

@Gargron I use it every day… to watch youtube with mpv and newsboat.

They could also DCMA any youtube third party clients such as Freetube, Newsboat and Invidious for similar reason

@Gargron Ждём теперь их возвращения на каком-нибудь youtube-dl.xyz

@Gargron Yep. Google/Youtube are deep in the entertainment business now. I'm surprised yt-dl lasted this long.

@Gargron You can still grab source tgz from pypi.org. But this is a terrible day for open source software

@Gargron I fear that this might one day happen to my favourite privacy front ends like Nitter, Yotter and Invidious. This sucks.

I'd be interested what a lawyer thinks about the copyright law on this. I can't see how it would be a successful prosecution.

@Gargron that’s another reason for “why shouldn’t use GitHub for oss projects” 🌟💐

@mmokhi @Gargron when a version of the mastodon project on sourcehut gargron?

Die RIAA (Lobbyverband der Musikindustrie in den USA) bittet um dezentrale Sicherungskopien von YouTube-dl.

@Gargron youtube-dl must be removed from GitHub because it can be used for something unlawful
. Python should be removed because was used to make YouTube-dl. Windows/MacOS/Linux should be removed ..., computers should be removed...

Interestingly, I think there was something against a lot of twitch streams that use copyrighted music in the past few days.
Not sure if #riaa is going after more than just #youtube-dl

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