I don't often bring up domain blocks, but if you're running your own server, you might want to block the domain, the potential for spam and abuse is immense.

I was accused of "fearmongering about abuse that doesn't exist" because apparently conceptually, the precedent of disposable e-mail providers is not enough. Well, here's how I learned about this tool!

(Screenshot contains racial slurs, antisemitism, nazi imagery)

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@FrostedSiren @Gargron Why are people so polite here? I'm from Twitter, it's a goddam hellhole. Seems like this place isn't teared apart by polarization, and deviancy from groups like MAPs (pedophiles), and zoophiles.

@cateen @FrostedSiren @Gargron Twitter pushes really really hard for people to follow those who aren't in their network. There are recommendations, and it actually takes effort to avoid those, an effort most people don't expend. I myself use Tweetdeck on desktop and Talon on mobile. Both these clients don't support any foreign items like "%username% liked" or ads in the feed.

@cateen @FrostedSiren @Gargron without recommendations, brands, and other engagement-driven crap, social media is actually a surprisingly decent and interesting place. A bit like forums.

@grishka Talon is proprietary. That makes it 100% worse than Twidere. Twiderre is on F-Droid.



sounds like someone's dog whistle is out of tune.

@Almafeta I'm gay. If you're trying to suggest I'm homophobic, you're incredibly wrong. It's a website that lets you create a Pleroma instance which exists for 10 minutes by giving it a subdomain name only.

The website states it's meant as a tech demo for deploying Pleroma instances systematically.

It (seems to) work well, which means it's easy to make an instance, post some spam, and hop onto the next instance quickly.

So while it's inherently nothing bad (as the website states, a demo - and it fulfills its intended purpose), the potential Gargron mentions does present itself.

(Sorry for the triple-post, had to fix formatting and a typo)

@robflop @Gargron . . . That does seem disturbingly exploitable. Thank you for explaining!

@robflop @Gargron @FrostedSiren

Thanks for the detailed explanation. So, it's a style service with 10m free trial and people have started using the free trials to harass Eugen.

@galena @robflop @Gargron I'm glad to see so many instance hosts rallying against this sort of thing for exactly this reason

@FrostedSiren @robflop @Gargron I'm actually quite in favor of it conceptually. I hate that a good thing is immediately being abused, leading to the whole concept being tainted and seen as something that exists just for abuse.
@fluffy @robflop @FrostedSiren @Gargron Well not exactly like, there's no paid option and stuff, and after 10 minutes everything gets nuked

@Gargron Man, sorry that you have to deal with so much drama. Personally I understand your fears and while I might generally side with people who want to wait till a problem arises to fix it, well, the truth is I see no protections on the part of that service to be preventive at addressing the problem. If they had made some effort, any effort, to help minimize abuse I might be more likely to side with other people on this. But as it stands right now its hard for me to see how this wont be abused.

@freemo @Gargron That “service” is merely a tech demo if you cared to look into further context. If you’re really oh-so concerned about spam sorts of abuse, CAPTCHA is enabled by default on the registration part for those Pleroma instances generated.


Since it is only a tech demo then there would be no harm in blocking it huh? Lets not forget, even if those who host the service have no ill will and have every intention of it being a tech demo and nothing more, that really doesnt change anything about the fact that it both can and has been used for spam/abuse and ban evasion. so its really not much of a counter argument either.


@freemo @Gargron Even then, blocking that tech demo site is a pretty stupid idea. I wouldn’t block your instance just because you had a few spam bots from there. I would only do that if you actively encouraged it.

Additionally, the source code is available to the public:

So, even if you tried to block all * subdomains, someone can just take the source code and start it on another domain. It’s not worth the stress and effort just because “Oh dear it could be used for spam”. If you are so concerned that you cannot sleep because 10-Minute Pleroma exists, consider trying to unplug the internet entirely (which of course, good luck with not getting backlashed at for it).


Not "Oh dear it could be used for spam".. it already has and is actively used for spam.

While normally I might agree with you on a normal instance that blocks shouldnt be the first answer especially if it is not sanctioned by the moderator of an instance... But in this case your response really makes no sense...

The instance is already being used to spam, there is no moderation for anyone to look to for solutions. It seems not just reasonable but responsible that if a instance is actively spam and there is no moderation to give any indication that there will be a solution from its care takers then blocking said instance is very much the expected response.

As you pointed it out, its a tech demo and not a real service, so what is it your even complaining or bothered about, who the hell cares if someone blocks a tech demo and it makes no sense you'd act all uppity about the fact that someone has.

Sure other people could of course replicate the site, and when that happens and you start getting spam from them too you are welcome to block them.


@freemo @Gargron > it makes no sense you’d act all uppity

Interesting that you’d accuse me of acting all uppity when you, Gargron, and others on the Mastodon side of the fediverse are the ones who got all triggered about the tech demo just because of one person.


No one was triggered. Gargron saw an instance that was engaging in ban evasion that had no moderation to address the issue and banned them, he let people know. That was the end of the story. You are the only one who engaged in condescending language to then berate that decision and anyone who provided support to it.


@freemo @Gargron He’s acting up about a service because one user used it for a purpose you guys didn’t like. I used it. And you know what I used for? Some silly shitposts based on Eric Andre’s “Bird Up!” segments. Consider that maybe I’m condemning Gargron’s decision because it is absolute, blatant fearmongering at its finest. And maybe you’re too gullible to see through Gargron’s bullshit.


You are the only one going around calling people gulliable and attacking them for blocking a tech demo... say it slowly a... tech... demo.... It is not an instance, its purpose is to be a tech demo, no one is harmed by blocking it.

The fact that you or anyone could and have used it responsibly is irrelevant.

Going off on people because they reject packets from open spam relays is like going off on someone blocking spam calls on their phone.

Considering you are acting the way you are over how someone has responded to a tech demo means the whole "oh your gullible for listening to gargron over me" nonsense isnt going to go far.


@freemo @Gargron > The fact that you or anyone could and have used it responsibly is irrelevant.

Nice guilt-by-association, sweetheart.


So, you’re so mad at me for disagreeing with you, you can’t even spell gullible properly.

Going off on people because they reject packets from open spam relays is like going off on someone blocking spam calls on their phone.

Love the false comparisons. You’re blocking a tech demo, which is just a waste of time and resources.

@seanking @freemo Bro if this is your comedy I'd switch careers now

@Gargron @freemo Oh, I’m sorry that other people found my joke account @gargron mocking you hilarious. Perhaps, you should consider maybe switching careers since you claim to advocate for a decentralized internet yet are so uptight with domain restrictions and have previously banned me and others for the stupidest reasons ever in the past.


Nice guilt-by-association, sweetheart.

You need to work on those reading comprehension skills there buddy. No one said you were guilty by association. Nor does the quote you used make any sense. No one said anyone was guilty of anything.

So, you’re so mad at me

No, I am not mad at you. I think you are acting like a child in the way your speaking to people, but no I’m not mad at you.

You’re blocking a tech demo, which is just a waste of time and resources

Who cares, it takes about 3 seconds to block something. Far far less time and resources than you’ve already made me waste responding to you or that you wasted trolling people on this thread.


@freemo @Gargron Clearly, you aren’t willing to look further into the context of what is and why it was created by @alex What makes it so wrong that I’m calling you out on your bullshit?


Its a 10 minute tech demo, it states pretty clearly what its purpose is. I have absolutely no issue with Alex hosting the service or it existing, it serves the purpose of demoing pleroma and that's great.

But its nature is, as you already agreed, as a tech demo. Blocking it from production servers therefore does no harm and in no way prevents it from accomplishing its purpose.

@Gargron @alex

@freemo @Gargron @alex It’s still fearmongering because of one person who used the demo in a certain way. Whatever if you want to follow in stupid’s footsteps. But it’s not gonna make Qoto or Mastodon(dot)socials’ reputation look any better.


"I was spammed by X, im going to block them" is pretty laughable to claim as fear mongering..

though you know what is fear mongering... making a big deal about someone blocking a tech demo...

@Gargron @alex

@freemo @Gargron @alex You were spammed by one instance out of several others. It’s like blocking an entire bunch of good apples because of one bad apple. How the fuck is this not fearmongering, which Gargron clearly has a pattern of doing.


What are you like 8 years old...

No QOTO wont be blocking the instance until they spam us and then we will worry about it. But man you are acting the fool right now.

@Gargron @alex

@freemo @Gargron @alex The real 8 year old you should be considered about is Gargron. He has a constant pattern of not working with others on a common goal for the stupidest reasons. I’m glad you’re not gonna block I just want you to understand why I absolutely disagree with Gargron’s blatant fearmongering.

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@seanking Making it look pretty fucking solid actually. Taking down spam relays quickly is how you make a functioning service.

Hosting a ban evasion service for nazi shitheads is how you fill a community with nazi shitheads and ruin it for everyone.

Consider not doing that. Consider actually trying to make something that is a good.

@WAHa_06x36 Here’s the thing though. Just because one bad apple uses it doesn’t mean all the other apples are bad. How would you feel if I called Mastodon (dot) social a service for communists just because of the viewpoints that some on that site hold? It’s not Alex’s fault that the one person used it for that one reason. Enough of your guilt-by-association bullshit.

@seanking You know what the full saying you're using there is? "One bad apple spoils the bunch". The saying is, if you spot a bad apple, you had better do your best to get rid of it, and do it quick, or the rot will spread.

I'm not seeing anyone here doing even a single thing to stop that rot. In fact, I see the creator of the site cheering the rot on. That means the rot wasn't that one guy. It comes straight from the top, and cutting it off completely is 100% the only good decision.

@WAHa_06x36 So, when will we see all the extremist Antifa dickheads knocked off your side of the fediverse? Until then, Gargron’s an extremist that should be blocked.

See the problem?

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@seanking @freemo @Gargron Speaking of bird up, this is probably my favorite thing to come out of that meme. It never fails to make me laugh.


Its hard for me to understand everything you said as I relied on a translator. But I'm not sure I agree that the worst of this sort of racism and abuse is yet to come.. Don't get me wrong I dont deny its existence and am all for doing what we can to make sure racism doesn't perpetuate. but I do feel over time the racism has been decreasing not increasing, and I'd say that has been true in recent times as well.


@Gargron Can't criticise open Hitler spam relays, because if they run another software you're guilty of tribalism!!111


@Gargron how do people look at that shit and call it "just a shitpost" i'll never understand

@Gargron I don't personally agree with Mastodon's block culture, but I have to side with you on this.

Why would anyone think creating this tool with great public abuse potential be a good idea? Even as a test, you shouldn't publicly publish this.

I hoped it would be quickly forgotten and didn't block it earlier, but now my timeline is full of shit and my username suggestions list is full of troll accounts.
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