Hm, server is now under heavy load from a lot of people joining...

@Gargron please bare with us. the bird is being shitty. 😭

@dheadshot @Gargron they suspend lots of account, or locks it. Hahaha.

@Gargron "Blåhaj brings all the new users to the fediverse" I guess.

For all those new people coming:
I'm so happy to see you arrive.
Know that Mastodon is a distributed network that, nowadays, has over 2800 independent servers. You are free to choose a server/node/instance depending on your criteria or even settle your own.

At the same time, Mastodon is part of a larger federation which includes other distributed social networks: Friendica, Pleroma, PeerTube, Hubzilla, etc. This means that socialmedia is now in the hands of people and not corporations.

For further information:

@Gargron karna anak rp pada numpang disini bang eugen wkaka

@Gargron Huh. I'm going to keep rocking my old school . Social handle for now.

@Gargron ulah anak rp lelah dengan burung biru. congrats

@Gargron what's the different between and

@Gargron congratulations, here from Indonesia promotion this platform coz other platform suspended they account :tiredcat:

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