There is no verified checkmark on Mastodon.

Sometimes I wonder if allowing emoji in display names in the first place was a mistake 😕

@Gargron I mean yes, but other things would have added them so it's kind of a moot point.

@gudenau It wouldn't have mattered if we stripped them out on our end

@Gargron So the verified thing is an emoji? :angery: I thought it was real.

@Gargron I guess, it's time to add some rules about impersonating things. 🤔

@seonghwa On and, I do not offer any custom emoji that looks like a verified badge, but I can't stop other servers from doing so. Though I think it is irresponsible of them...

@Gargron Yeah, it makes some of us confused about the verified things and friends keep asking me how to do it. So, so.

@Gargron @seonghwa seems like contributing to the artifical scarcity of the clue check would only serve to help Twitter prop up its artifical value and perpetuate their class system. The reality is even on Twitter the blue check *is* meaningless because it is arbitrarily granted.
If you only want to avoid confusion for Mastodon users, have you considered giving everyone a blue check?

@datatitian @Gargron @seonghwa
Ostensibly, the original purpose of the Twitter "Blue Check" was to prevent users from masquerading as celebrities and other "big shots".

Nowadays, though, I consider it to be a form of "warning label" — WARNING: USER IS A CLUELESS, SELF-IMPORTANT, SHIT-TAKE-DROPPING MEDIA DOORKNOB.

@seonghwa @Gargron the profiles impersonating someone else. I found google, Facebook and Reddit so far

@daraul @Gargron Oh. I haven't found one, but for now, some of user are roleplayers (like in the blue bird app, like act like the idol, but they write it on their bio tho).

@gargron @seonghwa You could filter only the "verified" emoji to avoid this kind of confusion.

@Gargron Well, may I know why there's no option for change our username?

@seonghwa @Gargron it works a bit like email addresses, the username is the way an account is identified, theres not a hidden identifier

@gargron @seonghwa Are they really? I only use two instances but both of them use the same names for emojis.

@Roboron @seonghwa There's a button to copy an emoji from another server which makes it very convenient to have the same names but it doesn't have to be the way. You just upload a file and give it any shortcode.

@gargron @seonghwa Understood. Then, maybe the best decision is to get rid of emojis on the name. Although I will miss my emoji on @Roboron ...


A good platform is the one always give users their own choice to choose, instead of decide for them( if the emoji on the display name bothered so much)🙂

@seonghwa @Roboron

@Sphinx @gargron @seonghwa
I wonder why this toot didn't show on my notifications...

An idea based on this: We could disable emojis, only for new users, and adding an "advanced option" for displaying emojis on the name. This should make clear that the verified emoji is just only one more emoji, while also preventing new users from thinking there are verified accounts on the fediverse. What do you think?


Thank you for your reply, disable verified and emoji(on the display name)are two things. But both of them is the symbol of freedom to control their account. It's colorful not just black and white.

About the verified sign at the beginning I don’t like it. Because I feel it’s a twitter thing and mastodon is not twitter, it’s just twitter open this function and now we feel like we are “copy” them ?No we’re not. Because on mastodon we can add anything emoji on display name, it can be a dog a cat even a piece of s**t. Of course include the verified sign.

@Gargron @seonghwa

@Gargron What about an update of explaining the thing of just emoji and not verified? That's not a perfect solution, but better than no warning at all.

@Carsten_Behrens It literally says “Document-based verification and blue ticks are not possible without a central authority” I doubt that many people read that

@Gargron You are right. I haven't read it. At the beginning I wasn't interested at the headline "Link verification" and skipped it, because I had no link to verify. I would expect an info under the headline "Display name". What about adding: "A display name may contain emojis. No possible emoji means 'document-based verification'. See also section 'Link verification'."

@seonghwa @Gargron you can hover over it on the profilepage and it will show ":emojiname:" 🤦‍♂️

@pmj @Gargron Nah, I saw it from my friend's screenshot so I didn't think to check it out first.

@pmj @Gargron So, ya, I thought it was real, until I saw the toot 'bout it.

@Gargron I thought that it was real but turns out it’s just an emoji. But I think it’s gonna be misleading information for the account if they use that kind emoji.. especially when they do impersonating person.

@Gargron Honestly, I like the functionality. Other than occasionally having to explain there are no verified accounts with Mastodon, I haven't had any issues with them. I'd like to see emoji used on posts like they are on announcements. I think it would allow for a lot of versatility in quick response. Just my personal opinion obviously.

@Gargron nooo! keep them!
if people can't comprehend the concept of a decentralized network and therefor the impracticality of verification system, then're lost already 😂

@Gargron I personally like them. At first day, I saw that for some people, thought it was real, but than I saw the :verified: hint and found it funny.

And it is nice to use them as flags as well. Sometime they can even help to identify people from the same server when they like to use the same flag.

@Gargron You'll get my display name tomatoes when you pry them from my cold dead hands.

@Gargron Big mistake. Huge mistake. Gargantuan, massive-ass mistake. A mistake so spectacularly colossal that it's impossible to measure.

There are users on Twitter whose handles are entirely made up of emojis. It's ridiculous.

Still, you can fix this mistake before it's too late.

Emojis are the tool of Satan.

@Gargron also this adds the possibility for someone to create there own instance, where they verify everyone, doesn't it?
I think of something like mastodon.verified.

@Gargron I've realized that a lot of people on Mastodon do not understand federation, and think you are the CEO or something.

@Gargron I really had no clue about the meaning of that checkmark before I read that there is none on mastodon 😎. We could just set up a bot posting the message every two or three hours, couldn't we? Like a mastodon mantra: there is no verified checkmark on mastodon. there is no verified checkmark on mastodon. there is no verified checkmark on mastodon. there is no verified checkmark on mastodon. there is no verified checkmark on mastodon. there is no verified checkmark on mast

@Gargron and I believe people put check mark on their display name as a trolling to Twitter.

@Gargron but there's a lot people whose had checkmark????

@iceleci Gotta ask your server admin to add them for you

@Gargron I consider the rel="me" a verification of sorts, but I get your meaning.

@Gargron new fake jack i saw this a.m. is very happy about that I imagine

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