I built a custom platform for sponsorships on the gold/platinum tiers (those are the ones that get a medium-sized logo/link on using Stripe.

I don't think the Patreon tiers are going anywhere but this alternative method has some advantages over Patreon for both parties. (I'll go into more detail in a follow-up post)

The billing cycle isn't bound to the 1st of the month, so you have no risk of being double-charged if you pledge near the end of the month; if you're a business in the EU you can use your VAT number to not get charged VAT; there's an annual billing option with a 10% discount; uploading your logo is more straightforward than having to message or e-mail me. And on my side, Stripe takes far less in fees than Patreon (~2.5% vs 10%).

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Side note, I am curious if a platform like that would be useful to anyone else. I don't know how many projects or creators use the link-as-reward model to which my code is tailored. I could open-source it if there's genuine demand...

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@Gargron I could see the backend being useful in something like a WordPress plugin as similar plugins, like GiveWP, are doing great in that space these days. I have no idea of the architecture of what you built and if this would be possible, but it seems like it could be an interesting way to put some serious miles on it all.

@Gargron definitely would be useful for others. platforms such as opencollective and patreon take a significant amount off the top that other OSS projects could use this and have less taken for intermediaries.

@mur2501 I am confused by this question. @stux doesn't develop Mastodon

@Gargron @mur2501 well @stux has been working to get donations for keeping our servers online though. He uses ko-fi

@calculsoberic @Gargron @mur2501 That is very true! Hosting a somewhat larger server brings a load of costs..

@calculsoberic @stux @Gargron
Yeah the bills are huge, so just brainstorming ideas to make cash for Stuxy

@Gargron @mur2501 I keep explaining.. Same with the Fedilab app.. Some people think it's all the same, how can we teach this more generally?

@stux @Gargron
Well just say that Gargron is the builder(creator) of cranes and Stux is a operator of one of the crane

@mur2501 It's more like @Gargron made the building plans and @stux has built and now maintains one of those many buildings.

@stux @mur2501 I think it confuses some people because unlike Twitter, the different instances and apps that are related all have different names and appearances.

@calculsoberic @stux
I wanna make fediverse more accessible to the less knowledgeable people

@mur2501 @stux so do I! my friends in the Phillipines would really benefit from it, if it's available to them!! they have much fewer options for ISPs and social media.

@calculsoberic @stux
2/3 of the population of world lives in this region and most of then would be benefited by this.

@calculsoberic @stux
Unless you have done programming or know some details about it I find it hard to explain fediverse to my friends

@mur2501 @stux The way I explained it to my wife (who is a programmer) was that it's like creating your own Twitter or Instagram, and you can give it whatever theme you want. And I said, if you like cats, you can make an instance called "" or something like that. And then I tried to explain how they were all connected.

@calculsoberic @stux
I have tried it with 3 friends till now(all three are non-technical peoples and know nothing about IT/CS stuffs), I failed :sadness:

@mur2501 @stux yeah, people often ask me "what's the difference between that and Twitter?"

@calculsoberic @mur2501 @stux

It's like email, you can sign up with anyone and email people who sign up with different people.

This is how all networks used to work before social media, even telephones and the telegraph worked like this.

@calculsoberic @mur2501 @stux I explain it like this: "its like email, but with social media functionality like sharing posts, following people, favoriting, etc. Like email, it doesn't matter if you sign up for outlook, gmail, or have your own email server, you can still email anyone else no matter where their account is. Unlike regular social medias like Facebook or Twitter, where if you have a Twitter account you can't use it to interact with people on Facebook."

@robby @mur2501 @stux wow, that's a great analogy! I think I'll use that from now on.

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