I just straight up don't click on Medium links anymore because it's all behind a login wall anyway

@gargron It's sad, in only a few short years Medium went from being one of the web's most pleasant reading experiences to being, perhaps not the worst, but bad enough that I actively avoid them.


I’m the same with TechCrunch, something in my adblockers consistently breaks their site completely and I just never care enough to figure out what.

Is it? I installed the "make medium readable again" extension and also blocked cookies. I don't even have an account there. Haven't seen any annoyances there in ages.

@grishka @Gargron so all you had to do was install a browser extension and disable a default feature in order to read text on a web site? I'm glad you haven't had any annoyances

@Gargron You're not missing that much. The signal-to-noise ratio there was really bad, last time i looked.

@Gargron it was frustrating to see them start off open but then go towards that model..

@Gargron use uBlock, it blocks it, I think. If not I've seen some other solutions, but I don't remember how were they named.

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