4 years of people making fun of “toots” and Twitter comes out with “fleets” lol

@Gargron @noiob Mastodon stories, but a ML filter rejects all posts that aren’t cats.

@gargron A tooter on the streets, and a flooter between the fleets.

@Gargron and even worse, in such a way it's clear they never really thought about it…

I am again reminded of how much more sensible this is by comparison. Even if they _are_ called 'toots'.

@Gargron it's extremely funny that this was driven by corporate stakeholders because the lack of stories was evidence that they just "weren't innovating enough"


given that social network platforms are just transparently stealing design and features from each other with no real plans or vision, can I ask you to please implement facebook "pokes" from the 2000s on here?

@jackdaw_ruiz btw: chino moreno is one of the greatest underrated rock vocalists...
digital bath always gives me chills


same. are you hype for the Black Stallion release next month?

@jackdaw_ruiz idk 🤷‍♂️
i have lost track of the deftones after the mtv icon for the cure...
is it conceptually meant to be some kind of sequel/revision to white pony?
sounds kinda interresting 🤔


just a straight up remix album for White Pony. each track in the same sequence but now remixed by some other artist. pretty interesting roster of talent on deck for it. it's for the 20 year anniversary.


oh, very nice premise 😎
definitely gonna check it out... thanks for the hint ;)

that's what i like about social media and especially federation; you sit on your own sole instance, randomly comment on a totally unrelated topic and just stumble over some great news 😂

@Gargron When someone told me what they were called all I could do was loudly blurt out "fuck you"


guess twitter is attempting to unify everyone under their command...line? XD

actually, this makes sense lol

@Gargron eugen please promsie me that you will never just start slowly turning mastodon into snapchat and hope no one notices

@Gargron If they hadn't forgotten the whole "bird" theme they might've called them "flocks".

And then users could've told them to "flock off". Before, hopefully, migrating.

Let's just go with "farts" and get it over with...

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