Twitter evolved from IM status messages, i.e. you had a contacts list, and under every contact, you could see what the contact was currently up to. Twitter took that idea and made the statuses persist after you changed them and allowed you to browse them. Now with ... you have a list of your contacts each displaying what the contact is currently up to...

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@Gargron it’s all come full circle, like that big ragnarok snake

Interestingly, VK did it other way, they transformed the wall so that whatever you post on your own one is now seen by your friends in the news feed. Before that, there were statuses under names. They are still there, but you can't view the history of them any more, the older ones got transformed into wall posts. So now, there are:

- Posts, the usual kind
- These "statuses" that are only visible in the profile (I think?)
- Stories
- "Clips", a tiktok ripoff no one wants

Actually I wonder if I need this whole status-under-name thing in Smithereen 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

@grishka That sounds like when product development is decided by rolling dice

Eugen, right now it's decided mainly by looking at Facebook and Instagram and copying the worst parts. The whole status -> wall thing tho... that was decided by the original founder and caused quite an amount of outrage. And memes. In the end, I think it was an okay update after all.

@Gargron please tell me that your not planning to bring anything like twitter fleets or instagram stories to mastodon.

@RoxoNsReaction I'm not planning to bring anything like twitter fleets or instagram stories to mastodon

@Gargron As usual, Twitter has a singular gift for ignoring users' legitimate issues and giving us bullshit features we never asked for.

Users: Nazis and fascists are running wild on your platform, spewing racist filth and threatening violence.

Twitter: Fleets!

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