@Gargron Wow, we're 18 years into it here in Turkey and yet this is way too creative even for Erdogan.

@cadadr @Gargron As much as Europe likes to tout their love of democracy and freedom, Europe has always had problems with the two.

I wish we Europeans would drop our superiority complex and deal with our problems internally for once.

@Jakobiner @Gargron IDK, it's the same struggle the world over. People trying to make it and people trying to take it. From the outside Europe, whatever it might be, is seen to be this serene, civilised and rich place, but from the inside it's just like everywhere else.

The one good thing to come out of pandemic, and Trump et al. was to show to the rest of the world that yeah it's a shitshow everywhere indeed, with varying amounts of money mixed with the shit.


also difficult to enforce. you're allowed to film cops doing ordinary patrol things, but as soon as they start hitting someone you're supposed to stop? as if you couldn't tell they were about to start? so we should stop recording even before that? this is some fucked up variation of Zeno's paradox.


> "Difficult to enforce".

Arguably, the police are there and engaging in force, so noone can document what they do to you. Including distracting and shooting you.

"The year was 2021" (start of some #distopian sci-fi film)


@Gargron There’s kind of a libertarian argument for defunding the police and defunding the government as a whole, but deregulating it like this kind of gets us into the ballpark of getting those guillotines back into action.

@Gargron There is no excuse for this. It's basically the government admitting police brutality is a serious, common, problem, but instead of doing anything to fix it, they punish the victims and anyone who reports it. Like if we just pretend it doesn't exist, it'll magically go away.

@Gargron I am sad for you.

In Hong Kong, cops hide their identity by consealling their face and ID number or closing down streets from "unlicensed reporters".

But they still want to keep the appearance of upholding free of speech and police accountability. And most of the time, we still get footages of their brutality.

Disallowing people in identifying police is fucked up. Let's hope government elsewhere don't follow this practice.

@Gargron Oh right 😅

Then let's say my thoughts are with the France people, then.

@yookoala appreciated !
Resistance is going on every saturday and every second week day
We still havent shown the determination, oraganization and exemplarity HongKong people have shown these past years



Yes but, no, they haven't. Not yet at least.

"One bill, which passed an initial hurdle in the lower house of Parliament, the National Assembly, on Tuesday, restricts the public filming of the police"



"France backtracks on security law after police brutality incidents

Proposed legislation is unpopular among liberal elements, on the left and in the media"


@Gargron France government wants to ban "fake journalists" from taking pictures in demonstration and that "true journalists" ask permission to the police, before a demonstration, to take pictures.

@Gargron law still has to go through Senate to be adopted, but that still sucks

@Gargron Well, that's not YET fucked up as the lew has to go to the Senat before, but freaking yes. We'll fight !

@Gargron Oh the tyranny...


2020 and 2021 are supposed to be decade-defining years and possibly even a precipice for chaotic behavior like totalitarian leadership.

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