So what's going to be in 3.3.0? You can read the full changelog here:

Account suspension become reversible, which makes moderation mistakes a lot less catastrophic. You can get notified when someone you follow makes a new post. You can continue watching/listening to something that's playing when you scroll away. Media modals look better. You can block sign-ups from IP ranges. Finally familiar hotkeys in video/audio player. And so on...

@Gargron Sounds wonderful thank you Mastodaddy

@Gargron btw my favorite new feature is Bookmarks, I know it's been a while since you added it but it's hecking sweet

@ocean @Gargron i really love it too, wish where was a way to catogarize them, something like bookmark tags or folders would be a cherry on top.

@Gargron Reversible suspensions, huh? So when am I getting my .social account back?

> You can get notified when someone you follow makes a new post.
cc @inexcode

@Gargron I didn't notice the change with notification permissions before.I'll fix that with the next Halcyon update,too.What I don't fully understand is the change with the poll notifications.Does that mean that in future,I'll only get notifications for my own polls and not for the others I participated in?And thanks for the featured hashtags API endpoint.That allows app developers (including me) to make apps features even closer to the web interface.What I'm still missing is the same but for featured accounts.That could replace the AI-powered who to follow on profile pages.

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