Is it even a website if it doesn't have a stories feature?

@tewha @Gargron
please don't. unless if your goal is to monetize stuff.

@Gargron Eugen, can I ask you a question? Someone shared my public toot across instances. At some point, they set their replies to private. At that point, there were 3 people in the conversation. This had the effect of making my replies private. I don’t understand why my replies defaulted to locked. Also I thought I was having a public conversation, so my friends could see it. How do I fix it so my replies are public in that convo? If people don’t know or agree to private, it feels weird.

@Gargron Hi. 😎 I understand direct message conversations. But I mean my friend set it so only their followers can see it. I think that is what the padlock means on Mastodon. 🐘 It’s OK. It’s new to me, I’m still learning here. I was confused why that changed the boundary for the entire conversation. My friends are helping me understand it a little bit better. Any insights you have are awesome. Thanks, Eugen. I think you started Mastodon! It’s fun and cool! Have a good one.- Pietro in New York 🐯🇺🇸💪

@Gargron Mastodon stories? Why not – I mean: You may use it if you like but you may as well leave it, so I like every new feature! What about a federated solution so you can finally see Pixelfed's stories on Mastodon too?

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