@Gargron Thanks to you for all improvements 2020! Let's look optimistic in the New Year.

@Gargron i keep getting caught off guard about how similar we look


@Gargron what kind of pringles are those


@Gargron it's Eugen's evil twin! 2020 has made everyone evil

@carlosceb I have never been so insulted in my life. I am not French

@Gargron I wish it was sadly I live in America. Where we have an ever looming specter of fascism brought to us by a Senator. My Grandfather served aboard the Magic Carpet Rides shipping back German POW's. At the end of it he didn't think it wise to teach his kids German. He did however teach us how to spot coups and fascism. Joshua Hawley looks to have been recruited as a legitimate face for groups like Combat 18.

@Gargron I'm just praying this madness will end soon. Otherwise, it means one step closer to embracing the nightmare known as Juche and we will be a society which pretty much lives on using TOR and VPN's for personal, professional, and securities protections.

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