@angristan “Fundamentally different to mastodon” proceeds to describe mastodon in single-user mode

@angristan I’ve seen a couple of these “I want to build a Twitter alternative” people pop up in the last few days and what unites them is that they’re not interested in hearing the problem’s already been solved

@Gargron @angristan America has a really bad case of NIH syndrome. Even their liberals would never accept a European technology company having prominence. Hence why Tiktok had to make so many concessions and move their HQ to the USA.

@Acaii @Gargron @angristan TikTok is in control of the PRC regime. I really wish there is a way to legitimately stop it growing. If not, network effect is going to pull a lot of people into the influence of you know who.

@yookoala @Gargron @angristan yeah and Facebook is under control of the US regime. What's the difference? They both censor and promote propaganda. The only way to stop these networks from growing is to regulate them or shift to decentralized open source networks.

@Gargron @angristan

Facebook is under the legal confinement of US. But not control of the regime. If FB is under the control of US regime, it would be illegal for them to do anything to the president's account. US law protects a system, not the person who controls it.

TikTok would be legally required to take off anything that gives negative image to PRC. And there - 1/3

are rules beyond any law or legal procedure. You'd just have to obey whoever is in charge of the department, who is bound to loyal to the president.

I am not saying US or FB is perfect. FB and Twitter sucks, alright? (Why else would I use Mastodon instead?) But you guy are too easily drawing parallels between things that are not at the same level of shitty.

TikTok is far worse than Facebook. Anybody saying no is @Acaii @Gargron @angristan - 2/3

simply lack the knowledge or imagination of how deep the shits can go. @Acaii @Gargron @angristan - 3/3

@yookoala @Gargron @angristan You may be right but I don't see it in practice. On the international version of tiktok I frequently see videos that are critical of the Chinese government. Obviously what's allowed within China vs the rest of the world is different, but I think it's a bit of scare-mongering to state that the PRC is trying to export totalitarianism in the same way the USA tries to export democracy (AKA bombing countries into hegemonic submission.)

@Gargron @angristan

You don't yet see it now because TikTok is still growing. So things are more subtle there. Perhaps some algorithm to advance the pro-China KOL. Or give incentive for the current KOL to promote China culture.

Once the network effect is there, they can do things 1,000 times more blunt than Facebook. And there is no court nor system to review a damn - 1/2

thing. The company simply has to answer the explicit demands from the regime. Or the staff will simply go to jail, or worse. @Acaii @Gargron @angristan - 2/2

@Gargron "But it doesn't integrate Lightning/ Blockchain/ Cryptowallet/ $insertScamCoin!!!" @angristan

@schmittlauch @Gargron @angristan I wonder if Twitter's Bluesky project is still a thing...

@Gargron @angristan Area man who delivered a broken crypto messenger specifically for activists-at-risk *for years* seeks funding to reimplement while completely misunderstanding the fediverse.

Film at 11.

@Gargron @angristan The problem was already solved when you built mastodon but you weren’t satisfied with the solutions. Same thing here. There are issues with mastodon that they want to solve and that’s a good thing. Mastodon isn’t supposed to be the only implementation.

@Gargron @angristan Ideas are worthless, execution is everything.

Single user instance checking in.

I mean if they want to have a side project and this is what they think they can build, fine.

I don't get the need to try and justify their project's (non) existence by misleading people on how Mastodon works.


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