If I added a testimonial section to joinmastodon.org, what would you say? Please only reply if you're OK with me using your response with your username and avatar on joinmastodon.org*

* Not guaranteed I'll use every response


I'm not an expert on marketing by any means so take it with a grain of salt but my impression is that testimonials are more effective when you tell about your personal experience instead of just saying "x is y". So if you could say what Mastodon enabled you to do or what it means to you that would be a lot better than if you just said that Mastodon has something.

@Gargron Mastodon gave me a new home after Twitter turned toxic.

@Gargron Mastodon has enabled me to return to social media in a way my data will be respected.

@Gargron i've made so many friends here because i can actually talk to people instead of getting buried by algorithms that reward meaningless numbers over actual interaction

@Gargron I'm personally addicted to Mastodon, for me it's like if Facebook or Twitter had a friendly version— where I can discuss things with people around the world about every single thing they love. If there's a subreddit for everything, of course there's also a Mastodon instance for everything: I've got one profile for sharing art, another one for casual conversation and another one for politics.

@Gargron I can also look for my favourite client app between a list of clients that is growing each day further. Now, I'm in love with @Tusky, but I'm also willing to try some of the equally marvelous apps on the iOS' App Store.

There's a lot of ways things can be, and Mastodon surely is the best way social networking and microblogging can be: free, decentralized and civilized.

@Gargron I authorize you to cut some parts of my words (and change some, in case of grammar mistakes) in order to find the ones that fit better for a testimonial page.

@Gargron Honestly I do think that this platform is better and enables much finner tuned control over what you see and who you interact with. I've found more cool and nice people on here compared to the contemporary counterpart. I've also experienced far less abusive interactions and the moderation teams tend to actually care instead of being robots.

I'm just not sure I want my name on a testimonial page. :-/

@Gargron Mastodon has allowed us to build a vibrant community, and that community inspires itself to care for one another and to work toward the common goal of making the world a better place. Decentralized platforms give you the autonomy to forge a new future!

I didn't understand anything when I first came here, it's a strange place when you have just experienced Instagram, twitter and facebook. The strange thing is that it is much easier to connect with people here, not just connect in my region but I can to anyone on here around the world which was harder with the algorithms of Instagram. No one is dying for followers here or for popularity in any sense, people are just here for the interaction. One can pass on all the time on twitter and instagram just looking at other's posts but here interaction is the main way of experience. Mastodon is the untouched land of discovery with many surprises on the good side as well as the bad one.

@gargron I met my boyfriend here ❤️ (and a lot of nice friends).
On Twitter, I used to follow people I knew IRL.
Here, I followed people that seem cool, and I met a lot of them IRL after.

@Gargron @Gargron I enjoy Mastodon because it is fancy, sweet, comfy and lots of fabulous friends! :ablobcatheartsqueeze: 😌

I shouldn't have to pay to say what I want.

I shouldn't have to pay to have my voice heard.

#Freespeech is #freedom.

It should be and should stay free.

That's why I much prefer Mastodon over other similar platforms.

Having to pay to be heard is a form of #censorship.

@The_Quantum_Alpha @Gargron

It's a matter of preferences I guess. For me it is more important to be able to not hear what I don't want to hear than to be able to say what I have to say. Kudos to @The_Quantum_Alpha for teaching me today how to block whole Mastodon servers, not only single users 😂

@Gargron Very new here, just started my account. How do you go about finding people and communities on here?

@Gargron it has helped me to escape the commercial AI driven nightmare of other social media! And also gave me a fun project building my instance. Best of all, it has the endorsement of @annie

@Gargron Platforms such as Mastodon are good for exploring lesser known platforms and seeing if they are better or at least equal to what is very well known.

I think that the 500 characters on Mastodon already make it as good or better than the likes of Twitter because Twitter only allows 160 characters so one must choose carefully what they type or make a picture with text as a possible alternative.

@Gargron In deed the way to go! For example I signed up in 2018 but never got busy in here. Now had a reason take a look again after few years and I set up my profile a bit right away as might come regularly.

Mastodon has come ways and looks good to go next phase = bigger and better! 👍 🐬

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