Hm, I'd want to integrate a user count graph into somehow, but it's not as easy as it sounds. I don't think there's anywhere to get the data from programmatically. I'd have to build a stats aggregator myself...

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@DarthChillash I mean there's nowhere to get the ready aggregated data from. Each instance provides number of registered users and weekly active users publicly, the task is to discover all instances and collect the data and ideally detect anomalies because malicious actors could fake their numbers and inflate the aggregate number

@Gargron I did the bot @fediverse,
Its code gets all peers from running Mastodon or Pleroma host server and then all peers from host server's peers.
It seems to get a good real data approach.

@Gargron the old mastodon radar did this. Still miss that site. You can spider the known instance list and and peek into the main feeds looking for new instances and grow your list with that. I think people would help with moderation to keep the data clean provided with the tools to do this.

@Kev_Prime I have no clue; also is down (where the account @fediversenetwork was hosted) and (where the email account of admin is hosted:

@Gargron I think "search with keyword" feature has to be implemented on mastodon, right now I can only search with hashtags instead of the actual "words".

@metanol @Gargron I think that's intentional, you are actually able to search posts that have relevance to your account (posts you interacted with, etc.)

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