I’ve added a testimonials section to, I’ll keep adding quotes over time, let me know what you think

I built my own stats aggregator, but I am not 100% sure if it makes more sense to aggregate numbers only from Mastodon servers, or the whole fediverse.

@Gargron I feel welcome, and it's somehow easier here finding friends and interesting people than with other social media.

@Gargron Mastodon has provided me a first step in more digital sovereignty. It is very refreshing to have a timeline that you can fully control.

Moving to Mastodon felt like moving into a new village. You start with an empty timeline, and you have to actively work on your first connections.

After some initial effort, you are rewarded with meeting interesting people. They welcome you in their communities, and you can keep on discovering amazing people through the messages they boost!

@Erik @Gargron Your words are pretty much a relief. I hope you keep it equally good and always help other people discover the goodness of Fediverse 😊



do both, if possible ;)
both numbers are interesting... i'd like to see how mastodon performs compared to the rest of the fediverse ;)

@Gargron my take is that if you're looking for people to see how big of a community they can interact with is, then go for the whole fediverse. Not just because its bigger but also because that's the pool that people are going to be able to interact with.

@Gargron makes sense to me that you would track both sets but delineate "official" numbers from "fediverse" numbers. Probably useful to know both.

@n8ive999 Each server exposes its own statistics, the task is to collect them from every known server and do so accurately

In my opinion it makes more sense to do Mastodon only, at least to begin with.

If it's easy to set up, it would be interesting to see numbers for other Fediverse apps listed separately.

@mellifluousbox No, not quite. I remember writing about that bot before, but don’t remember what it was.

@tallship @mellifluousbox I don’t know, the Pleroma server the owner was on is down too

@Gargron how do you get numbers for the fediverse without first collecting them for each instance? I think the former leads to the latter in this case.

@Gargron when you want to it would be cool if you could share it in a way like

That's a hard question. From the end user perspective it would make more sense to know how many humans we can interact with.

@Gargron Personally, I think the testimonials section will drive people who are on the fence about joining to join. Great job!

@Gargron I just saw this on birdsite but I don't know the Mastodon handle of this person. #testimonial

"The beauty of this sort of platform is that the technology can be used by anyone, but the community can't be."

@Gargron Love the new feature on the main website! It is probably something good for newcomers.

I think having a long list of this Toots (even filtered by language), and also show them randomly instead of fixed positions would be very interesting and much more world-wide 🤔

@Gargron mastodon is Very Good! A+++ would recommend! this is a real testimonial from a real human being and i totally am not a raccoon

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