Finally an article that mentions Mastodon on Techcrunch, not as positive as one would hope but hey, I'll take what I can get. I think there's one good quote from me in there.


Project: Bluesky, I didn’t know they pulled you in.

How’s that going?

@thegibson They've collected a bunch of proposals from different protocol developers, ActivityPub among them. That is the extent of our involvement to date.

@gargron @TheGibson The whole thing feels like an inane gamble to put the risk and cost on independent operators while maintaining something like control over the whole. Cut costs, deflect responsibility, feign innocence. they'll settle on whichever one can be run through analytics and monetized most efficiently.

@gargron @TheGibson but like
I get having to be involved despite the whole thing not really being a thing twitter really has to do at all. Even with worst-case regulation lawsuits they could fight for years before making a single change. And in light of all this 'history'? I can only imagine twitter is valued even higher for being potently effective at messaging in very tangible ways.

@Gargron pretty fair, though. there should have been a quote about how toxic QTs are, and why the lack of them on masto makes it better

@healyn I can't believe the article didn't mention that 2021 has just gotten sexier

@Gargron yea, i didn't wanna mention that, but...

big time fuck up

@Gargron At least they didn't quote you saying "sorting posts chronologically is an algorithm, I am very smart" like they did to the Planetary dude

@Gargron from the article: "I think the solution to the problem of algorithms isn’t getting rid of algorithms — because sorting posts chronologically is an algorithm[...]" says Evan Henshaw-Plath

It makes him sound like the most tedious guy ever.

@Timmy As part of a larger sentence I can forgive it

@Gargron: I'm pretty mixed about that mention lol. I guess any mention's a good mention?

@Gargron You might follow up with them and explain how Gab was responded to, the article makes it seem like they're still part of fediverse.

@mdhughes @Gargron Yeah, I think it's strange that it doesn't give the fediverse credit for essentially excising that particular filter bubble—something much easier to do than on birdsite and other centralized services.

@ntnsndr @mdhughes I've explained that Gab turned off federation because they got made fun of by the whole fediverse

@healyn @Gargron @ntnsndr @mdhughes as an aside, when freespeechextremist is pushed together like that, you can read it as frees pee chex-tremeist

@Gargron there's not a single mention of 'federation' or 'fediverse' anywhere in that article, which, imo, is the only thing that makes decentralized social networks work

@jaxter184 @Gargron they are literally talking about #activitypub wich is the fediverse protocol...

@pinkprius @Gargron yeah, but they dont talk about federation itself at all, which i think omits an important part of the story, particularly with gab

@Gargron Maybe it's because I recently got up but that article seems rather unfocused.

And the way they talk of decentralised as if P2P is the only architecture model and as if Bluesky is the only system to seriously consider is just unhelpful to basically anybody but maybe Twitter.

@Gargron IBM did this in the 70s thinking that they are the only serious players in IT and Commodore or Apple are just making toys. And where is IBM now? However, these articles have the potential to falsely introduce a new social network era as even-worse-than-we-are-so-you-should-stick-with-us. There are so much super-shallow "technical" writers out there blowing this propaganda.

@Gargron Why do you think it's not positive?

@Gargron These companies massively benefit from twitters trending section, they don't like the idea that people will move to mastodon where people are not forced to look at the news if they don't want to. Don't expect any love from the mainstream media.

@Gargron Not really sure what you expected -- you built a decentralized network, whose primary audience is high risk communities. Normal communities don't need Mastodon.

I once heard even if people are talking bad about you, at least they're still talking about you....

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