Maybe I'll hook it up to an accurate user count bot at some point, but anyway: There are 2,728 Mastodon servers online today and on them, there are 252,893 monthly active users, a number that increased by 45,517 since Jan 11th.

@r3pek I can tell you what but I cannot tell you why

@Gargron yeah... I thought you'd say that and I totally understand

@Gargron for context, is that a higher than normal increase?

@Gargron Interesting. The servers number is identical to what shows ATM. I expected the real number of online servers would be a bit higher (because adding newest Masto servers to the stats hub is an irregular process).

@lightone I run a crawler that finds new servers every day

@Gargron That's interesting, my node is aware of 3,200 mastodon instances, but some of those might be forks.

@jbcarroll Does your node tell you specifically about Mastodon servers? I’d assume not and that’s a number that includes non-Mastodon software

@Gargron Friendica at least identifies them as such, and tends to break out stats for other networks (e.g., diaspora) separately. Definitely not a dev so not sure how precise it is. Here's a screen for reference (apologize for the quality)

@Gargron A lot to do with how twitter is behaving nowadays, I guess.

@gargron Would be interesting, though, to keep more in-depth metrics such as count of _unique_ users and now and count of _unique_ users that remained here for, say, more than 12 months or even longer. Congratulations on that, nevertheless. 🙂

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