" website appears to be back online and promises to 'resolve any challenge before us'"

Apparently, they were picked up by the hosting company Epik which also hosts Gab and The Daily Stormer.

@Gargron I thought Gab claimed they ran their own servers?

@SuperDicq they still might, that same company also does hosting and co-location.

@Gargron I guess they’ll make good money hosting “free speech” sites. It’s sad people don’t think of decentralizing onto the Fediverse instead.

@camelion I'd actually rather prefer they stay where they are so they act as a lightning rod for all the people we don't want here

Gab has a paid Gab-pro subscription that enables "powerful" features like bookmark or save your favorite toots or schedule the publication of toots, rich text and so on. Clearly all those "features" come for free in all fediverse servers and apps, they claim that too many users followed gab account a or scheduled toots from external servers without paying the Gab-pro subscription. Unless they change their business model they cannot allow federation.

@Gargron Central location problem. Gonna be taken down again.


"We've teamed up with the nazis, but we're definitely not nazis."

@ubiety I don't think there was any pretense in the first place

@Gargron afaik parler has some rather ridiculous hardware requirements only aws would be able to fulfill so this will be fun

@jeder Interesting, do you know more about it? I've heard something about them using WordPress..?

@Gargron i’ve seen one thread on here i think? either it was here or on birdsite, trying to find it although i don’t promise anything

@Gargron This does not sound good to me. If you have multiple platforms that really powerful weasels don't like running on a single server/provider then I presume it would be easy enough to banish said server/provider and knock out the platforms in a triple whammy.

@Gargron, Epik is the domain registrar and DNS provider. The IP resolves to ddos-guard, which, if a report from Krebs earlier this month is to be believed, is quite suspicious and possibly running afoul of U.S. sanctions. If this is truly the best they can do, then this ain't good.

@Gargron if those Parler users had even minimal tech understanding, they wouldn't trust anything made by the Parler developers to be a private place.

Then again, "understands tech" and "Parler user" probably have little overlap

@Gargron the sad thing is that it looks like we are getting two seperate internet now.
One for the right and one for the left.
This will only radicalice people even more on both sides.

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