@phoenixbyrd @sexybenfranklin You will not get sympathy for Parler here. "Free speech" as a concept is a) only relevant in regards to the government b) not absolute, as there are many exceptions, incl. hate speech in Germany c) not an exemption from social consequences, such as private businesses not wanting to associate with you

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@phoenixbyrd @Gargron @sexybenfranklin by "here", do you mean this server? Mastodon is a federated platform so there is no need to convince or pressure the devs to be "on your side", they can't harm you even if they waned to. Worst case, you'll get kicked out from a certain server but there are thousands more and you can even host your own. There are no better alternatives, as far as I know, and effective censorship is not technically possible.

@Gargron well, that was quick 😀 There is so much drama nowadays.

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