I finally did it... I wrote an official blog post about Mastodon 3.3.0. Sorry for the delay

@Gargron Awesome!! Thanks for doing all this for the world. I noticed one difficult thing about getting new users involved is federation. I’ve been trying to come up with ideas about what would increase the number of toots/people that they can interact with, but it’s hard to know. Maybe you’ve got some ideas?

@Gargron block by IP 🤔

thought that was considered racist

not long ago you and others deemed that racist when done that very thing


@ecksmc hmm interesting thought. Yea well if you're blocking an IP subset then you're assuming their profile based on where they come from. Maybe that could be something like "addressism" where you assume profile by address? I would be careful using the term "racism"; that term is getting bloated with definitions so it gets really difficult talking about it. Strictly speaking, assuming profile by race or by IP is two very different things. But though "addressism" isn't all that nice either...

@kalle wasn't me who used racism though to describe IP blocking 😜

I was merely asking why the creator of mastodon was now happy to allow IP blocking when he and a loads of others criticised the maker/admin of counter social started blocking IP from certain countries

and they people who criticised did use the term racism when arguing their case on IP blocking

I never said it was racism cause it ain't 🤷🏻‍♂️

@ecksmc Mmm! A bit of tasty double standards.

Oh and I guess IP blocking would be racist if the motive was based on race/sexuality/yadiyada. But yeah IP blocking by itself is not.

My head did a 'lil roll when I read your initial toot. Thx for clarifying

@ecksmc That was about blocking whole countries permanently. If you’re going to do that with this new system I’m going to be against that too. But there’s nothing wrong with blocking the IP of somebody who already broke your terms of service and keeps doing it from the same IP.

@Gargron 😂

okay then

so, still racism in your eyes then

just seems like being a hypocrite to bang on about IP blocking and it being some sort of racist move, which it wasn't, to then allow IP blocking 🤷🏻‍♂️

anyhooooo it is what it is right?

some know the true story 😉

@Gargron btw I'm laughing cause I already knew what your reply was gonna be 😂😂

@ecksmc I didn’t use the word racism by the way. It would be a stretch to say that Russia is a race. But it’s definitely xenophobic to conflate the government of a country and its people and pretend like a the whole country is a danger you are valiantly defending against.


my memory I do mind a hell of a lot of people saying it was racist as well as other bullshit claims against the owner/admin of counter social you know that to be true and that bullshit to be false

and you for one didn't deter from they rumours being spread about that person if anything you made it worse

like I said it is was it is and really not my fight and kinda history now anyway was just curious as to what your answer woulda been on the IP blocking ✌️

@ecksmc Fact is the owner had to be explicitly reminded not to violate the AGPLv3 license of our code, and through gritted teeth he pushed online his fork’s source code while at the same time removing all original author attributions and code history. He clearly broke federation by mistake, then pretended it was intended all along. He paywalled basic Mastodon features while passing off as some bleeding edge technology. Make of that what you will.

@Gargron if he did violate license then why now after 3+yrs is he still allowed to use it 🤷🏻‍♂️

and why did you and so many others make up baseless rumors about him like being xenophobic, homophobic, racist etc......why do that if it was just about a licence dispute 🤷🏻‍♂️

again not my fight just amazing that you are still determined to spout baseless accusations about it being something he ain't


fyi counter social has many unique features that mastodon ain't got

anyhoooo I'll leave it there pal *yawning* with this convo now

@ecksmc You're fighting a strawman. I didn't make up anything. If somebody else did, go to them, not me. I say straight up, fearmongering about entire countries by conflating evil governments and the common people is xenophobic. It's also deceptive because any actual state actor would easily circumvent any IP block. Deception is the common thread among all the things I mentioned, from source code shenanigans to feature paywalls.

@ecksmc Oh, is that a picture of you? Perhaps I should repeat what I said in simpler terms? 😄

@Gargron Now that IP blocks are supported, can you also add support for blocking ASNs?

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