Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

@Gargron @matrix

How much as this got to do with the fact, they can't gain money from those of us who use element / matrix / irc etc. ? I suspect this is the real reason.


No, it's called #censorship and this is #communism.
#mastodon developers have been empowered admins to use censorship to ban instances. This is not so far from #google, #twitter etc.
“Our censorship is good, but their censorship is bad.”
This is #hypocrisy level 100.

p.s. Please do not teach me about communism. I know it from autopsy.

@Gargron @matrix

@Gargron @matrix Well... at least they didn't said it was a copyright issue like with youtube-dl being banned from github, they are moving to a more original excuse but still not credible enough.

@Dashtop @striker @Gargron @matrix @fdroidorg F-Droid is only a partial solution to the bigger issue. It is good, but not enough - for starters, it is for FOSS apps only, AFAIK. Open platform would also require generic hardware and lack of any vendor-locking on part of OS.

@vazub @striker @Gargron @matrix @fdroidorg open hardware needs to be approached fundamentally differently from software. It needs to have a proper plan and execution by professionals. It can't just be made by anyone interested like in software where everything happens organically. That's why I feel like there's not much open hardware.

@Dashtop @vazub @Gargron @matrix @fdroidorg

With HDL hobbyist hw on fpga is possible. But fpga sw is proprietary and manufacturing hw is way to costly even for large company (there is like 3 founders left)

@Dashtop @striker @Gargron @matrix @fdroidorg It is not necessarily about “open” hardware per se, more about preventing vendor lock-in for hardware/software combination.

@vazub @striker @Gargron @matrix @fdroidorg well I would say normal PC hardware is open in that sense. And pinephone officially sponsored 5 OS teams. So yeah, in that case it's pretty open(Linux on Mac m1 :p)

@Gargron @matrix @SubwayTooter
Here is an article which is about Google tried to ban Subway Tooter.

About deletion warning from Play store - Subway Tooter blog

@Gargron @matrix @ekaitz_zarraga F-Droid and severally outdated packages, name a more iconic duo...
@piggo @Gargron @ekaitz_zarraga @matrix

That's a tradeoff I'm willing to accept, to be sure that binaries are reproducible, but sometimes it's way to slow (like newpipe the fdroid version just doesn't work currently and is several release old)
@Azt3c @fdroidorg @ekaitz_zarraga @Gargron @matrix @piggo
I know but their build include a tacker (for crash reports) the fdroid build don't
@striker @Azt3c @Gargron @ekaitz_zarraga @fdroidorg @matrix if the options are having an outdated broken app, or having a crash reporter in it, the compromise is acceptable to me
The other choice is to download idea and just build it yourself
@piggo @Azt3c @Gargron @ekaitz_zarraga @fdroidorg @matrix

I do use their official build. I'd would be nice if the crash report was opt-in though

@striker @ekaitz_zarraga @Gargron @matrix @fdroidorg @Azt3c @piggo it's a paradox. We need to support older Android devices but supporting them affects the security.

And crashes are reported if you say yes not by default

@Azt3c @Gargron @ekaitz_zarraga @fdroidorg @matrix @piggo

I'm correcting what've said both include ARCA and are reported my classyshark3xodus, for some reason it's not on their exodus profile on the project website.

And from what the dev told me on github it is used only to generate report which the user send by mail
@Titicolin @ekaitz_zarraga @Gargron @matrix @piggo

I am up to date, that wasn't my point it's just that f-droid build system should update more frequently
@piggo @Gargron @ekaitz_zarraga @matrix

there is an open issue on their github and it seams that f-droid is able to build but there is a signature issue.

@zleap @Gargron @matrix
Drink more than 5 liters of di-hydrogen oxide at once and you're dead. It is a serious matter. And think how many companies add this thing to their products!

@xpil @Gargron @matrix yeah good point, that is why the orignal post reminded me of that, even though not many people may immediately recognise di hydrogen oxide as water Hydrogen oxide, or H_2O

@Gargron @matrix anyone building software that challenges the silicon valley in club should not bother with the Google and Apple app store's, just make your programs work well as mobile sites.

@Gargron @matrix I guess Amazon/Google/Apple are trying to set example by banning decentralized services just like how publishing companies tried to set example by punishing #aaronswartz.

@Gargron @matrix

Surely you won't find that kind of obscene content in Google Meet, Google Hangouts or Google Duo...


This convinces me I was correct to think using #matrix with #element is the best alternative to WhatsApp

Big tech colluding to kill any threat to their centralized power


#censorship I never root for matrix but this is an outrage! It's absolutely inappropriate!

@Gargron @matrix @blue using proprietary resources is dangerous. like if they weren't aware.
other open source software developers could leave google, but they have no guts for this.

@Gargron @matrix

I guess it's time to take FDroid more seriously.
This is war on free speech, and privacy (true E2EE). Donate to FDroid

@jcast @Gargron @matrix That isn't true. Look what happened to Gab. F-Droid pulled them for freedom of speech for reasons of hate. Just like Google and Apple.

@silibot @Gargron @matrix

Interesting point. Don't know gab so well. Well don't know US law but where I live it is illegal to incite to violence and oppression against minorities.

Do you think platforms should allow that? Mastodon certainly doesn't, nor matrix.

It is problematic though when more vague terms come into law. Such as fake news or hate speech. This can abused to create an oppressive censorship climate. The line is becoming thinner.

@jcast @Gargron @matrix I use Gab and I haven't seen evidence of inciting violence. I don't look for it either. I approve of freedom of speech except when it is coordinating violence against others. When someone says something negative towards you or others it shouldn't all be looked at as hate. They are entitled to have their opinion even though you or I think it's wrong. I am pretty sure it is illegal to incite violence in most US states.

@silibot @Gargron @matrix

So you think was just attempting to get heat away from them by banning Gab?

Or Gab publicly refused to moderate content?

Anyway I think a distinction should be made here. Gab is a centralized platform so not truly free (although you could fork it and host it yourself).

@silibot @Gargron @matrix

It is indeed a fine line between a racial slur and a call to racial violence. So for you unless you're organizing a massacre it's ok to incite violence?

@jcast @Gargron @matrix I am against physical violence except for self defense. Context is important.

@silibot @Gargron @matrix

Based on EFF's opinion here the range of forbidden speech is much narrower under the US law (in theory at least) than most mods allow, and some other nations allow.

@Gargron @matrix Apparently, it can still be downloaded freely for the desktop from, and for Android from F-droid, but the Matrix environment is for paid users? More learning needed.

@Gargron Tumblr is on the Play Store and it's full of porn, to the face of their dumb censor AI and Big G

@ranx To be fair Tumblr literally banned porn in response to being threatened off the Play Store

@Gargron well... i'm not complaining but they're doing it wrong and what is the Play Store doing about it? 🤷‍♂️

@MrClon @Gargron @matrix they have already done, as I take it. at least they promised to remove API that were used for blocking ads by the end of this month. and they change formats on their uncontrollable sites to make life of independent browsers developers harder.

@Gargron @matrix I deleted Google chrome because of sexual content and profanity from it 😤

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