Wish there was some way to make people who haven't been on here for a few years give it another look

@Gargron How about a 1 time email a year after last login that shows the, like, top 3 most favorited posts from people you've subscribed to since your last login date

@robert @Gargron Thank you!!!!! I'm glad I could be of some help!

@Gargron it's like they say, power grows out of the barrel of a gun 🤷

@Gargron What if we just pointed a gun at them? Alternatively, for those of us that can't use a gun, we could use a knife. Or we could gently lick their ears? Or like, send them candles. With guns in them. Everybody loves candles! And guns, maybe.Or I could transform into a spider. It wouldn't help anything, but I'd be a spider.

@Gargron I was just catching up with a friend and was telling them about how much I've gotten into the Fediverse lately, and they were like: man i like mastodon, haven't used my account in forever though. i should get back on.

Word of mouth can be pretty effective but hard to leverage but getting people to talk about it definitely helps.

@Gargron yeah I feel you. It’s just a hard sell for normies I think. I wish tapbots made a version of Tweetbot for mastodon. 😩

Once you're around awhile, you don't want to leave. At least I don't.

But at the first foray, the amount of traffic was a surprise. I'm used to it now and prefer it.

There are better anti-harrassment tools over 2 years ago when I first tried it. That helps but may have scared people off that had negative experiences.

There's also a contingency of people who simply exist to drive off other users. Not talking about the Parler/Gab people- drive them off. I mean just regular users they don't think "belong on Mastodon."

Anyway, less of that and a concerted PR campaign. Otherwise, please won't think to come back.

@TonyStark the influx of spam and obvious trolls has definitely been a negative thing, that’s for sure.

@jrn @TonyStark yes...that means there are people here to troll. I mean, we had the same issue with Usenet groups...and then aim, and irc and on and on. That's teh internet.

@TonyStark who are these users that don't belong on Mastodon? Not FOSS enough? Since I'm new I haven't had a chance to see anything at all, let alone trolling etc. Or maybe I'm careful enough not to expose myself? Anyway, seems like a super welcoming and friendly place to me. But then again, I dual boot linux, so maybe I'm just Mastodony enuff ;-)

It's been a variety of comments, but you probably won't see as many on this instance because after a serious amount of dogpiling, we had to defederate with some instances.

But yeah, stuff like that, which is a bit elitist if you ask me.

I follow a lot of different subjects in the Fediverse and I don't read what I don't like. There's a lot about gaming (not an interest for me, for example) but I wouldn't think I'd trying to eliminate it from all conversation.

Since the Fediverse is so small in comparison to other social media forms, things like that really stick out.

@TonyStark @ycleptshawn
Yeah, the dogpiling& the stalkers are the worst -especially from bad instances where the admin encourages it.
I've literally seen a few bad admins snitch about reports, and encourage dogpiling.

Basicaly along the lines of:

"Hey Troll1, InocentFediUser just reported you for being antisemitic/transphobic/racist/etc. I thought you were funny. Let's see how many reports we can get before they block us. Tagging Trolls 2-6 to join in the fun. We can make it a contest."

Or the users who have been blocked and then make alt accounts on different instances just to continue to harass someone who has told them to go away.

I haven't seen anything like that in a while, but it's that sort of thing that chases away users. Luckily our instance has an admin who cares about their users& has a great team of moderators.

@Gargron @calculsoberic maybe we should share our post from mastodon on Facebook using a link so it force people to visit and discover.

@Gargron Well, I'm not sure how to make them take another look at Mastodon, but I can definitely do some free advertising here and there on Discord.


Maybe @FediFollows needs a twitter account to tell people how awesome this place is 😉 there are lots of people here that add something like "join mastodon" in their twitter bios, maybe they'd help to spread the word?

@Gargron @FediFollows

And polls like this should be promoted - "Freedom of speech" on mastodon by Purdue University. If studies are conducted on mastodon, that will raise potentially awareness outside


btw that survey was about "freedom of expression" which is totally different that "freedom of speech" 😉

@Gargron @FediFollows

@Gargron Eugen I am new here. I'm not an expert at all. But I'd say that if people have a need to be here they will be here.

Also, there is that bit inside of me that says wishing to make people want something is such a hard path.

All that being said, the simple answer to your question is that there absolutely is a way. And it's what several folks is the way, even if that's word of mouth.

@Gargron so do I, but as a new-ish user of the Fediverse (I’m actually one of those that have come back and this time got stuck) I have noticed here (Fediverse) are a couple of things that could improve to pull in more people. One is that sharing posts from here to other networks (Facebook/Twitter etc) normally is weird, at best. The posts from here don’t show up well, or in a sensible way, on the other networks, yet sharing between those other services is usually flawless. That makes “us” stick out in a bad way.

Another thing is that posts, and more importantly, replies to things (such as this reply) is rather confusing, as they can be seen by some, but clearly not by some others. Sometimes there is an obvious reason (blacklist of servers etc), but at other times there are more obscure (to new users) reasons based on various admin rules regarding public-or-not posts, exceptions etc and thirdly, if I (as the sole user of my instance) haven’t interacted with someone at that instance, I’m not part of the “pull” they make, so threads can be broken by their very nature of how the Fediverse currently works.

All of these things make it difficult to interact, and could probably benefit from being clarified to new users, so it is clear when they in turn try to get their friends to join in on the fun too.

@mathias @Gargron
I would also add that finding friends and people to follow can be problematic for new users. I get it, but non-techy users would likely get easily frustrated with the inability to find friends and those they know and want to follow across the Fediverse. For example, with Facebook, one need only do a search for a person’s name to find that person (among the millions of subscribers). The very decentralized nature of the Fediverse as it is makes this very difficult.

@mathias @Gargron

I have serious doubts that all my friends would be able to make the transition. Some, yes. But not all.

@Gargron as someone who hasn’t been on here for a’ll happen by itself!

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