I don't really understand why people are talking about Clubhouse at all. Has their use case not already been long solved by Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Jitsi and so on?

@Gargron yes but this one is hipster because only a few people have access to it and you need an apple phone as well

@Gargron but because it's INVITE ONLY! And there are so many capitalists and investors oh my gosh!!!! You never knew you wish to talk with them so badly!

:KEKW: I'm guessing it's the Elon effect. Anything he touches shoots up for at least a short period.

@Gargron The main additional feature, as far as I've been told, are follow relations between users with push notifications if someone you follow creates a new room or enters one.

I still think that the largest extent of the hype can be attributed to scarcity-marketing to elitist hipsters though.

@Gargron they talk about it cause of the supposed exclusivity... you know, iPhone only... invite only... pff

@Gargron I think their big they got is it’s easy to pop in on a convo. All those others you listed you usually need to find a link to join

Skype had skypecasts in late '00s for several years. These were mostly the same thing.

@Gargron but you can speak to elon musk!!! :blobcatglaredrink:

Yeah, I don't get it. :psyduck:

@Gargron The voice technology itself isn’t a challenge. The social features are where they are innovating (discovery, being able to listen as well as participate in calls, etc)
@Gargron It’s nothing particularly unique itself, but it’s not something that’s been done on voice platforms before. It’s like overlaying a social network on top of conference calls.

@aaronpk @Gargron I think Aaron's point is key - it's layering a social network on top of audio, giving a richer experience than just text, but not as heavy an experience as video (in a time when we're all sick of endless zoom calls).

Ben Thompson had an interesting piece on his Stratechery site about the rise of Clubhouse and others in "social audio":

His main point being that these tools are making it even easier to discover, listen, and participate.

@aaronpk @Gargron Jeremiah Owyang also published a piece looking at the sheer number of companies jumping into this space, and some of the business models he sees:

I think a key is that in our world of lockdowns and the sheer fatigue of the pandemic, many people are looking for ways to have connections. And audio provides a way to have a bit more than text.

My biggest doubt, though, is that these require *live* listening, and that's not always possible.

@aaronpk @Gargron Of course... all of these "social audio" services, as far as I can tell, run on closed, centralized, proprietary, "walled garden", corporate systems. No distribute / decentralized / federated systems. Yet, anyway.

@danyork @aaronpk @Gargron That sounds a lot like an idea I had 2 years or so ago of a (federated obviously) social network that used voice messages instead of text ones to allow those with visual-impairment and dyslexia an easier time socialising. In the end, I couldn't find a decent way to record audio from within the browser at the time...

@Gargron they have an aggressive LinkedIn-esque invite system that tries to pull in your whole address book. Growth hacking

@Gargron Clubhouse makes user feel like talking across social strata.

@Gargron yes, but all the ones you listed have crappy interfaces and are harder to setup and use, also most of them are decentralized, which is not really easy to grasp for many.
But I am asking myself why #Mumble and #Teamspeak weren't anything as popular.

@Gargron it’s ok. In DAW world we have dozen of SW and each of them has its followers.


everybody wants to be the new facebook. So they create a hype.

Next idea for a social network: S.O.S. (Social over Servers), ppl tap in morse code (128bit encryption) while other ppl read it. There will be a podcast version of it.......


@Gargron it's more like a live podcast / radio show so not really

@Gargron I guess it's the invite-only implied exclusivity. which contradicts the whole idea of connecting people to begin with.

@Gargron Got so much info noise about clubhouse. And my daughter explained me very simple why they started with that. As everybody invest now into it (money and time) “The probably that needed person will reply is much higher there”

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