I don't really understand why people are talking about Clubhouse at all. Has their use case not already been long solved by Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Jitsi and so on?

@Gargron The voice technology itself isn’t a challenge. The social features are where they are innovating (discovery, being able to listen as well as participate in calls, etc)

@aaronpk What's innovative about their discovery?

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@Gargron It’s nothing particularly unique itself, but it’s not something that’s been done on voice platforms before. It’s like overlaying a social network on top of conference calls.

@aaronpk @Gargron I think Aaron's point is key - it's layering a social network on top of audio, giving a richer experience than just text, but not as heavy an experience as video (in a time when we're all sick of endless zoom calls).

Ben Thompson had an interesting piece on his Stratechery site about the rise of Clubhouse and others in "social audio": stratechery.com/2021/clubhouse

His main point being that these tools are making it even easier to discover, listen, and participate.

@aaronpk @Gargron Jeremiah Owyang also published a piece looking at the sheer number of companies jumping into this space, and some of the business models he sees: web-strategist.com/blog/2021/0

I think a key is that in our world of lockdowns and the sheer fatigue of the pandemic, many people are looking for ways to have connections. And audio provides a way to have a bit more than text.

My biggest doubt, though, is that these require *live* listening, and that's not always possible.

@aaronpk @Gargron Of course... all of these "social audio" services, as far as I can tell, run on closed, centralized, proprietary, "walled garden", corporate systems. No distribute / decentralized / federated systems. Yet, anyway.

@danyork @aaronpk @Gargron That sounds a lot like an idea I had 2 years or so ago of a (federated obviously) social network that used voice messages instead of text ones to allow those with visual-impairment and dyslexia an easier time socialising. In the end, I couldn't find a decent way to record audio from within the browser at the time...

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